Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yolo Sun: Review continues about lawsuit against Gateway II, Pimentel, Davies, Dote

Excerpts from the Yolo Sun article "Yolo court to rule on challenge to city council approval of Petrovich’s Gateway 2 project – part four of a Yolo Sun investigative series:"

A subject of central importance to the relationship between areas of existing commercial zoning (such as the city’s downtown area, the East Street corridor) and the Gateway 2 project — and also key to this new development project’s “program” (please see latter sections of Part Three) — is the concept of: “Adequate retail demand.”

“Adequate retail demand” is the operative measure within diverse planning analyses related to qualifying determinations of the “phase-by-phase” build-out of Gateway 2 — for approval of specific commercial uses.

The basic idea (with this project-impact mitigation scheme), is to create future “market studies” that in some manner evaluate demand for specific, project-proposed commercial uses and measure that demand against the existing availability of such project-proposed uses, which must also — “consist primarily of regional retail uses that do not include entertainment and other uses that would compete with downtown.”


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pimentel is poster boy for local foreclosure trends

Woodland City Councilman Art Pimentel and his bride celebrated their February wedding in Napa this year - then spent a fabulous honeymoon in Bora Bora. That was only three months after a short sale of his home that avoided foreclosure. The short sale was completed in November, 2011, during a year in which Pimentel's household income is estimated to be $143,000 and he made between $8,000 and $40,000 in stock investments (according to one FPPC form). Photo found on Facebook.



From the Woodland Record:

"So how do we combine those [Measure E and ten-year CIP budgets] because it's conflicting, and I mean there's some more deeper issues regarding Measure E that we need to find out because we need to, that I need to, personally understand further because I'm just trying to figure out where all the different money has been basically allotted to... I just want to note that I'm very confused about how those projects got into the unfunded category." ~ Art Pimentel, January 10 budget workshop

Woodland's "first couple"

Woodland City Councilman Art Pimentel, along with his admiring followers, enjoys touting his status of honorary mayor. On February 25 he let his Facebook friends know that "there is officially a first lady of Woodland" – in reference to his bride Viviana Paez. They are making their first home as a married couple near Beamer School in Woodland within the new, gerrymandered District 5 boundaries of Yolo County.

Pimentel moved into the new District 5 so he can establish his political residence to run for Yolo County Supervisor. Prior to that, the "first couple" cohabitated at 1305 Fremont Street (in District 3). The circumstances surrounding that occupancy is suspect... and Pimentel's potential constituents should realize that not only does he have problems with the City of Woodland budget, he also has problems with his personal financial obligations.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pimentel: "I just want to note that I'm very confused..."

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Woodland City Councilman Art Pimentel, January 10 budget workshop.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Yolo Sun: Lawsuit against Gateway II, Pimentel, Davies, Dote to be heard April 12 by judge Maguire

Excerpts from the Yolo Sun article "Yolo court to rule on challenge to city council approval of Petrovich’s Gateway 2 project — part three of a Yolo Sun investigative series:"

Crucially pivotal for Woodland’s future character, the environmentally oriented lawsuit by Davis-based California Clean Energy Committee (CCEC) challenging (* majority: Pimentel, Davies, Dote *) City Council approval of Paul Petrovich’s Gateway 2 project has completed its legal briefing phase and will be heard by Yolo Superior Court Judge Daniel Maguire on April 12.

Primarily, CCEC’s lawsuit (petition for writ of mandate) seeks court voiding of Woodland City Council approval of Gateway 2 — for reason of various and obvious violations of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Desperation driving them, Woodland City Council and Petrovich have hired the largest available caliber of professional legal obfuscation, in a frenzied yet futile attempt to somehow legally paper-over their plainly despicable sell-out of the public good of this municipality.


Friday, April 06, 2012

KCRA: Woodland man suspected in 62 lb. pot stop

Excerpts from

Authorities say two California men have been arrested after more than 62 pounds of marijuana was found after a traffic stop of their vehicle. The Nebraska State Patrol says a trooper stopped an eastbound sport utility vehicle near Waverly in eastern Nebraska on Thursday morning.

The two men were arrested on suspicion of possession for sale. They're identified as 46 year-old Sean Cassidy, of Laytonville, Calif., and 52 year-old James Morton, of Woodland, Calif.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Swim club sees record turnout despite facility subject to Measure E misallocations

From the Woodland Record:

The Woodland Wreckers swim team held its first practice of the season at the Charles Brooks Community Swim Center located at Woodland High School. 54 kids have signed up so far, that’s more than came out last year. The kids, who range in age from 5 to 18 years old, learn the sport of swimming and compete in swim meets throughout the area.

“Our community swim center is one of the premiere facilities in this region”, explained City of Woodland Aquatics Supervisor Brad Peterson. He further explained, “You won’t find a bigger pool with all of this seating and area for tents and easy ups.” According to Peterson, he has no problem renting out the facility for $5,000 a day to other regional swim teams and it is sold out every weekend in July. That’s $40,000 just on rentals in July. In addition to renting out the facility, nearly 500 kids a day takes advantage of the free swim provided by the City during the summer months.

The Facility does have its downsides though.