Friday, June 01, 2012

Pimentel will leave legacy of Petrovich projects, redevelopment waste and budget disaster

The City of Woodland (Art Pimentel and the rest of city council) is allowing the Petrovich Development Co. to keep this freeway ad on city property. The city denied the annexation of the 22 acres next to Costco (when owned by New Woodland Partners) despite allowing Petrovich's Gateway II to be annexed. Gateway II abuts the 22 acres. Then, the city was able to attain the property from the owners in exchange for tax credits. From the Woodland Record: There are four days left until election day. Many voters will make the decision to promote Woodland City councilman Art Pimentel to the next step as a career politician. He wants to be a supervisor, and he's on the ballot to represent Yolo County District 5. Pimentel most likely began thinking of running for supervisor several years ago. And his decision was probably made a little easier last year after his side-kick and District 3 supervisor, Matt Rexroad effectively lobbied to gerrymander District 5. So then it was left up to Pimentel about how to move into the new district boundaries. He decided to short-sell his house (that he had already defaulted on), leaving his neighbors with devalued homes. At the time of the short sale his annual household income was about $143,000. He also had other real estate dealings that he was required to report to the Fair Political Practices Commission, but didn't. What else will Pimentel leave behind this summer when he ends his eight years as a councilman? Read the rest at

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