Sunday, June 03, 2012

From the Woodland Record: On June 2 Woodland City councilman Art Pimentel declared victory in the District 5 Yolo County Supervisor election on his Facebook page. Not only that, he claimed that the newly-published proposed budget for next fiscal year is the one he's been promising voters since January. And if that wasn't enough, he continues to brag about an insignificant budget reserve in the face of a looming deficit. The city's spending plan for next year is $143.53 million and the "reserve" that Pimentel brags about is expected to dwindle to only $2.9 million, or 7.3 % of the budget. The reserve target is 13%, but that number is irrelevant compared to the amount the city owes... about $127,000,000. Pimentel's mismanagement of the city's budget pales to his personal financing shenanigans. If you haven't voted in this race in which the incumbent supervisor Duane Chamberlain has been challenged by the untrustworthy Pimentel, you need to read these articles: APRIL 12, 2012 Pimentel is poster boy for local foreclosure trends MAY 1, 2012 Pimentel's lack of reporting to FPPC reveals a twisted tale MAY 14, 2012 Foreclosure doesn't fall far from the tree, Pimentel and family caught in mortgage games And take a closer look at his approach to other local government issues: Read more at

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