Friday, June 01, 2012

Foreclosure doesn't fall far from the tree, Pimentel and family caught in mortgage games

Who wouldn't jump for joy? Three months after getting out of mortgage payments Woodland City Councilman Art Pimentel and his bride celebrated their February wedding in Napa this year - then spent a fabulous honeymoon in Bora Bora. A short sale of his home on November 16, 2011, avoided foreclosure during a year in which Pimentel's household income is estimated to be $143,000. As an isolated case, it is cause for questions... but as part of a pattern, it is cause for suspicions. Photo found on Facebook. Originally published Monday, May 14 From the Woodland Record: You won't find this family history at, but you might be interested in a common theme between Woodland City Councilman Art Pimentel and his most immediate and influential relatives. In a nutshell, Pimentel was on the deeds to three Woodland properties in 2005... two of which were eventually foreclosed upon and the third was short-sold to avoid foreclosure. Two were not reported to the Fair Political Practices Commission, nor was his employment at a bank. On June 13, 2005, Pimentel bought a house – 1305 Fremont – in Yolo County District 3. Earlier that year, on January 18, Elias (his father) and Margarita (his mother) included Art on two deeds of trusts and a corporation grant deed for 18176 Gadwall Street in Wild Wings. On March 2, Elias and Margarita added Art to the grant deed of another property... 921 Shiloh Court. Apparently, the need for Art to be on three different titles was only temporary... for refinances, lines of credit or for a purchase... because by summertime he was removed from the deeds of the Gadwall and Shiloh properties. Read the rest at

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