Monday, May 21, 2012

Planning commish stands up to Petrovich, developer admits multiplex is dead

Petrovich tries to derail relocation of existing auto dealers a few blocks down the same street From the Woodland Record: During yet another public display of deception, Sacramento developer and illusionist Paul Petrovich admitted that his Third and Main multiplex is dead. He did so while attempting a desperate pitch to prevent two existing auto dealers from moving a few blocks down the same street on East Main. This all happened at the last City of Woodland Planning Commission meeting on Thursday, May 17. The agenda item discussed was an already-zoned parcel subdivision request and design review of the proposed locations for Hoblit Motors (currently at 333 Main) and Woodland Motors (currently at 1680 East Main). The new location is next to (west of) the Valley Truck and Tractor John Deere dealership, which is located at 2100 East Main. Read more at

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