Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Pimentel's lack of reporting to FPPC reveals a twisted tale

Above are pieces from Art Pimentel's latest campaign. Pundits will certainly latch on to the new "people like us" slogan since Pimentel's job at Woodland Community College is funded by a federal subsidy. Pimentel may also have alienated many District 5 voters by characterizing incumbent Duane Chamberlain as a farmer who has taken "tax-payer funded" bail-outs and even insinuated that the supervisor has financial trouble. Farmers in the area often receive federal funds to help grow our nation's food. From the Woodland Record. City councilman Art Pimentel, who is a candidate for District 5 county supervisor, stated in a new campaign piece that "the bank that held the mortgage on my home forced me to sell it at a loss when they refused to refinance it." The reality is that responsible homeowners – who make much less than $143,000 a year – ride the wave of fluctuating home values. Some, like Pimentel, do refinance their homes to make their budgets work. Yes, Pimentel did refinance his home at 1305 Fremont Street... in 2006, a year after he bought it. But by 2009 he had already received a Notice of Default. To avoid foreclosure, he short-sold the home in November of last year. That's the way non-politicians say the bank "forced me to sell it." Read more at WoodlandRecord.com

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