Friday, April 29, 2011

Sammi received her angel wings last night

From Samantha Ashburn's Caring Bridge website:

"My Sweet Sammi received her angel wings at 8:42 pm on Thursday 4/28/2011. Angels be with her."

Condolences can be expressed on Sammi's Guestbook.

Ask Mr. Green Jeans: What's wrong with my garden?

Dear Mr. Green Jeans,

I have a garden in my yard. It measures 25 ft. by 40 ft. - 1,000 sq. ft.

I planted Radishes, Dill and Artichokes - for my good friend who just loves them - among a variety of other vegetables and flowers. Sometimes I just call it my RDA garden in honor of my friend who likes the Radishes, Dill and Artichokes. My good friend lives out of town so he doesn't really help with the garden, but he said he had $100 to fertilize the Radishes, Dill and Artichokes.

My neighbors like my garden, too. Ten of them gave me $10 each so they can have some of the produce and enjoy the entire garden. $100 would fertilize the entire garden, but I thought it best to spend the $100 the neighbors gave me and told my friend to save his money. I put all of the fertilizer on the 10 sq. ft. corner where I planted the Radishes, Dill and Artichokes because I wanted to make my good friend happy.

I really like that corner of the garden, and I really like my good friend, so I made sure the fertilizer worked and I just watered that section of the garden exclusively. I know it's only 1% of my entire garden, but I imagined all of my neighbors who would stop by to see the Radishes, Dill and Artichokes. Of course, my neighbors can't have any of the Radishes, Dill and Artichokes because those belong to my friend who lives out of town.

Now maybe you can help me with this: 99% of my garden is drying up. There are no plants outside of the small area where I planted my friend's Radishes, Dill and Artichokes. My ten neighbors are upset because they each gave me $10 and they expected the entire garden to flourish.

What is wrong with them? Nobody wants to even visit my garden, but the Radishes, Dill and Artichokes look fabulous.


Simple Simon

Thursday, April 28, 2011

RDA staff to pitch $6.3 million spending spree to planning commission tonight

Loads of cash will subsidize Petrovich/Corkill/Cinema West, more tricks by city council

From the Woodland Record:

The City of Woodland Planning Commission will be entertained tonight by redevelopment agency (RDA) manager Cynthia Shallit who will present the newest schemes to flippantly allocate $6.3 million in RDA funds by May 3 – and spend that amount by July. Click here for the agenda. This masquerade has relevance to the suspended downtown multiplex RFP process in many forms. In addition to the direct subsidies for relocating the Hoblit dealership and site improvements for Third and Main ($1 million total), subsidies for the Petrovich/Corkill/Cinema West project will come as a $2 million subsidy for the Woodland Opera House children's theater - ignoring the voters advisory to spend Measure E money on this project - and as a $600,000 subsidy for the Farmers Market at Freeman Park that will include parking (a half block from the Cinema West project).

Yes, you remember correctly - Petrovich quit the RDA's selection process to choose a downtown multiplex by claiming he and Cinema West theater operator Dave Corkill can build it without city subsidies. You also remember that the RDA suspended that process while the sole remaining respondent (Ron Caceres) had budgeted only a $2 million LOAN for the State Theatre Renovation and Expansion project. Caceres had the option to buy the State Theatre until March 15. Now the city can't wait to GIVE AWAY $2.2 million (reduced from $2.5 million) for a rehabilitation of the State Theatre. And do you remember who promised to "save" the State for Caceres' supporters? That's right - Corkill. Effective March 16, Corkill obtained the option to buy the State Theatre.

It's funny how councilman Bill Marble's plan to locate the Woodland Opera House (WOH) children's theater program in the State Theatre was hatched only 20 days after Caceres' option to buy the building expired.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Woodland needs Galaxy Theatres

The clip above demonstrates how Galaxy Theatres has performed according to the needs of Atascadero (pop. 28,452), a community even smaller than Woodland. Galaxy Atascadero celebrated its grand opening on March 18.

From the Woodland Record:

Excerpts from the Yolo Sun article "Woodland needs Galaxy Theatres to resolve historical inability to perform on DSP cineplex:"

Woodland’s modern saga of cineplex development vividly displays staggering city council weaknesses, failures and absence of basic vision in the civic interest.

Miraculously – at this moment in time – there exists an excellent (and rare) opportunity to boldly recover both our original community vision about the site of future cinemas and our community integrity in the face of historical inabilities and failures of our city council leadership during the previous quarter-century.

Such opportunities don’t often arise, where ordinary citizens’ voices can swiftly be effectively orchestrated to gain a very important result and send a beneficial political message, overcoming confusion and constraints of current political shenanigans within city hall and establishing a concrete civic success and important victory for our downtown’s future.

Galaxy Theatres is presently quite interested in immediately constructing a new cineplex directly across Main Street from State Theatre, on property (2.6 acres) currently controlled by local developer Ron Caceres and associates.

Such a project would clearly satisfy most (perhaps all) relevant, original downtown planning goals related to cineplex development, which will otherwise soon be lost (to corrosive influence peddling within city hall).

CEO of Galaxy Theatres, Frank Rimkus (- -), would like to better understand the encouragement and delight of Woodlanders, at the prospect of our now working together to best accomplish this very accessible goal (thus protecting our downtown from injurious and disharmonious cineplex plans of Paul Petrovich).

Woodlanders should voice their support to Galaxy Theatres

Similar to a reverse-takedown in wrestling, Woodlanders can now act to successfully defeat Petrovich’s plan and begin to restore our civic integrity and properly adopted intentions of our DSP.

Frank Rimkus, CEO of Galaxy Theatres is interested to learn if Woodlanders genuinely support its inclination to immediately apply for development of a cineplex upon the downtown parcel owned and made available by Caceres.

Please soon advise him of your views at:

Read more excerpts at

Read the entire article at

Monday, April 25, 2011

City of Woodland doesn't include people

Here's an observation: Go to the City of Woodland's Web site homepage and look at the rotating banner images of "Woodland." Notice anything peculiar? That's right... no citizens, no voters, no people. Keep that in mind as the city council continues on their path of misrepresentation.

Public beware! Subsidies for Petrovich/Corkill will come in many forms

Note: The City of Woodland Planning Commission will be entertained on Thursday by redevelopment (RDA) manager Cynthia Shallit who will present the newest schemes to flippantly spend more than $6 million in RDA funds by July. This masquerade has relevance to the suspended downtown multiplex RFP process in many forms. Public beware! In addition to the direct subsidies for relocating the Hoblit dealership and site improvements for Third and Main ($1 million total), subsidies for the Petrovich/Corkill Cinema West project will come as a $2 million subsidy for the Woodland Opera House children's theater - ignoring the voters advisory to spend Measure E money on this project - and as a $600,000 subsidy for the Farmers Market at Freeman Park that will include parking (a half block from the Cinema West project).

Here are excerpts from the Yolo Sun article "Friends of State Theatre group fractures apart - New advocacy forms: Woodland Civic Alliance - City hall may violate DSP to favor Petrovich" that partially illustrate the deceptive web the city has spun:

Formed in early 2010 to promote the original DSP goal of expanding and restoring the emasculated, dilapidated and (then, soon to be) shuttered State Theatre, constructed during the Great Depression (1937), FoST timely galvanized around a community campaign involving the Woodland Redevelopment Agency (WRA), hoping to realize such a cineplex project through municipal approval of an expansion and renovation plan by local developer Ron Caceres, associated with operator Galaxy Theaters.

The corner parcel which is the site of the Chase Bank project (using only 13% of this lot for its building), is the location indicated within the DSP for its original vision of State Theatre expansion, being thus depicted within Caceres’ proposal, the mission around which FoST was organized.

On May 5, 2010, WRA authorized an RFP: “to solicit a developer for a downtown theater project,” and this process ensued between Petrovich’s and Caceres’ proposals until an October 25 letter from Petrovich withdrew his proposal from the RFP process; because, in his words: “The issue has become too contentious and I do not wish to put the City Council in a position of having to choose between the more viable project [his, of course], versus the one that has created so much emotion at the State Theater site.”

Read more excerpts at

Read the entire article at

Missing elderly man located

From the City of Davis, Police:

On April 24, Davis police dispatch received a call from AMR regarding missing person Delbert Oard. AMR dispatch reported they had transported Oard to the hospital after he had fallen in the downtown area of Davis on April 23. Oard received medical attention and is no longer in need of emergency services.

This missing person case has been closed by the Davis Police Department.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Davis police trying to locate missing elderly man

From the City of Davis, Police:

Case 11-1632: The Davis Police Department is asking for your help in locating 85 year-old Delbert Oard. On April 23rd a missing persons report was made with the Davis Police Department by the manager of the retirement complex where Oard lives (1221 Kennedy Place, Davis) Mr. Oard was last seen on April 21 around 10 am in the area of his apartment.

Oard is described as a white elderly male, approximately 5' 9" in height, weighing about 150 pounds. Oard does not drive a vehicle and appears somewhat slumped over when he walks. Police Detectives have not yet identified any family members in the area. According to the property manager it is unusual for Oard to disappear.

Anyone with information about Delbert Oard's whereabouts should immediately call the Davis Police Department at (530) 758-3600.

Services for Scott Heinig set for Tuesday

From UC Davis Aggies:

A memorial service for former UC Davis baseball player Scott Heinig, who passed away on Sunday, will be held on Tuesday, Apr. 26 at 6:30 p.m. at Freeborn Hall on the campus of UC Davis.

Seating will be limited by the hall's capacity. A portion of the seating has been reserved by the Heinig family and remaining seats will be available on a first-come, first-served basis prior to the service.

For those wishing to honor Scott, his family requests that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Scott Heinig Youth Baseball Fund, P.O. Box 316, Davis, CA, 95617.

See Scott's Aggie profile.

Cowboys & Indians magazine ranks Historic Nelson Ranch among Best of the West

Excerpts from Cowboys & Indians:

We asked what you like about life in the West, and the answers poured in. And because we couldn’t sit on the sidelines, our editors threw in a few favorite things, too. It’s the wonderful West at its colorful best — from the perfect jeans to go out two-steppin’ in to the most down-home piece of pie, the sassiest salsa to the rippin’est rodeos. A scenic drive, a historic horseback ride, the new voice of Americana, a room with the view, and an unforgettable breakfast of hot biscuits and fresh-brewed coffee on the ranch — there’s so much to discover. Saddle up and come along for the ride.

Horseback Riding Lessons at the Historic Nelson Ranch & Cattle Co.

The Historic Nelson Ranch & Cattle Co. in Woodland, California, has quite a history with both horses and cattle. Built in 1868 by Camillus Nelson, the house and estate are on the National Register of Historic Places, but the property almost ended up underwater when the city of Woodland attempted to build a flood wall in 2000. Thanks to the efforts of local supporters, the ranch was saved and continues to fulfill its mission of serving the community that has so faithfully supported it, providing learning opportunities for inner-city youth to experience the cowboy lifestyle and working with adults with developmental disabilities to maintain a community garden. Sign up for riding lessons from Alyssa Moreland, a great barrel racer with infinite patience. She taught me how to ride. HistoricNelsonRanch.comGayla Odle, Vacaville, California

Read the rest of the 20 Best of the West from

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Taylor Swift tribute concert tonight at Opera House

From the Woodland Record:

The Woodland Opera House will present Kaylee Starr in Swift Country - a Tribute to Taylor Swift tonight (Saturday, April 23) at 7:30 pm.

With striking similarities to Swift both physically and vocally Starr is at home performing this tribute concert to the Grammy Award-winning country diva. Starr will cover Swift’s top hits like “Love Story” and “I’m Only Me When I’m With You” in the tribute show. Other memorable Swift songs to be performed include "Tim McGraw", "Teardrops on My Guitar", "White Horse", and "The Story of Us."


Friday, April 22, 2011

Local apiary introduces Sola Bee Farms, gifts honey to the stars for Earth Day

From the Woodland Record/The Mail of Woodland:

Tauzer Apiaries introduces a new division, Sola Bee Farms, after successfully slowing down the effects of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). A new 'green' brand, launched in March 2011, Sola Bee Farms offers a line of sustainable, natural bee related products, including the launch line of regional honeys and beeswax candles which will be available on the market shortly.

One of the earliest bee yards to experience CCD, Tauzer Apiaries engaged in a series of innovative approaches to combat CCD's effects. Rotating hives regionally, and allowing hives to pollinate the natural environment, Tauzer Apiaries made sure the bees were getting the nutrition they needed, and minimized hive fatigue – both contributing factors to CCD.

"Bees are agriculture's canary in a coal mine," Trevor Tauzer, President of Sola Bee Farms explains. "When Colony Collapse Disorder started happening, we realized we needed to take steps to ensure that our bees stay as healthy as possible." Tauzer Apiaries’ healthy hives were producing high-quality honey, and with the vision of Trevor, Sola Bee Farms was born. Tauzer recognized the benefits of the tasty honey and all-natural beeswax as a business opportunity that took full advantage of Tauzer Apiaries’ eco-mission.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't forget: Burgers and Brew tonight to help schools foundation

From the Woodland Record:

The Woodland Schools Foundation (formerly the Apple Tree Foundation) is having its first fundraiser, “Burgers and Brew” tonight at the Woodland Community Center from 5:30 to 8 pm.

This adults-only dinner will include a gourmet hamburger buffet, salads, beer and wine. Silent auction items will be provided by the students of the Woodland public schools. Entertainment will be provided by the Woodland High School Jazz Band under the direction of Mr. John Abigana.


Monday, April 18, 2011

UC Davis baseball alumnus Scott Heinig remembered

From UC Davis Athletics:

UC Davis alumnus Scott Heinig is being remembered as a beloved former leader of the Aggie baseball team.

The 22-year-old died Sunday after suffering a critical head injury. Heinig sustained the injury at a private house party in Davis following the campus's annual Picnic Day open house.

"This is a shocking tragedy that has saddened the entire UC Davis baseball team and the department staff that interacted and worked with Scott during his undergraduate days," said Greg Warzecka, director of Athletics at UC Davis. "His popularity and ability to lead others touched all those who knew him. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Heinig family at this time."

Heinig, who was a Davis resident, also played baseball in the community as a youth and for Davis Senior High School. His mother, M. Jane Heinig, is a UC Davis alumna and works on campus as an academic administrator in the Department of Nutrition.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Dingle art auction tonight!

The Dingle Art Auction –Perfect Relief for the Tax Day Blues! You’ve paid Uncle Sam, Now Do Something for Yourself- Buy Art!

Dingle Elementary School is holding its 5th Annual Art Auction on Friday, April 15th from 7-9pm at St. Luke’s Guild Hall, 515 Second Street.

A Wine, Cheese, and Dessert Reception is included accompanied by music provided by Pioneer High School Jazz Ensemble.
Inspired by the colorfulness of common objects in their world, the students created whimsical pieces imbued with a feeling of joy.

The auction features their work as well as donations from local artists including: Tony Natsoulas, Anne Ragsdale, Chris Campbell,Terry Hollowell, Marlene Hilborn, Leo Huitt, David Hollowell, and Pete Conine.

Come join the fun and go home with something you will bring you happiness and others will admire for years to come!

All proceeds go to benefit the Dingle Visual & Performing Arts Program

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bonds 4, US Government 1

From Yahoo Sports:

Barry Bonds was convicted of obstruction of justice Wednesday but a jury failed to reach a verdict on three other counts that the home run king lied to a grand jury when he denied knowingly using steroids and human growth hormone.

The verdict, following a 12-day trial and almost four full days of deliberation, was a messy end to a case that put the slugger in the spotlight for more than three years.


So I was wrong on my prediction made on November 18, 2007. My prediction was Bonds 5, US Government 0. (See Barry's numbers speak for themselves.) One charge of perjury was dropped by prosecutors last week, so that goes as a loss for the US. Bonds 4, US Government 1. I was right on one other thing... what a waste of taxpayers' money.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun Friday Profile: "Everything Yolo"

"If it's here... it's fair game."

From Yolo Tales:

Although we had some things we were going to cover here, Angie and I thought it might be a good idea to explain what our "Fun Friday Profile" is all about.

Friday's special feature is literally anything and everything Yolo County. Heard of a great restaurant, your Uncle has a asparagus farm, your Sister makes unbelievable quilts, you collect old tractors, there's a great festival in your town this weekend... Well, We want to cover it all here.

There's soooo many aspects of life that make life in Yolo County special and are worthy of coverage that we felt we should try to cover a bit of everything here. Businesses, people, festivals, events, parks, neighborhoods, you name it and we'll cover it. There are wonderful, inspiring stories everywhere in Yolo County and almost anyone you meet has a tale to tell. So what better place to place them then on a site dedicated to storytell'n. Right?

Read more at the new You just have to go there to know what it's about.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sammi – May your 16th birthday be blessed

Samantha Ashburn of Woodland is 16 today. One of her birthday gifts was a phone call from musician Eminem organized by Nearly 3,400 Facebookers have also logged on to send Sammi birthday wishes.

Sammi's mother Tina Canchola recently posted this prayer at

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me show love,
where there is injury, pardon,
where there is doubt, there is faith,
where there is despair, there is hope,
where there is darkness, there is light,
and where there is sadness, there is joy.

Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive it is in forgiving that we are forgiven, and it is dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

Video posted on by No Worries Now.

Big day in Woodland: First Annual Free Museum Day and Historic Downtown sidewalk sale

Today (Saturday, April 9) from 10 am to 3 pm a total of eleven historical sites and museums will be offering a "Free Museum Day and Tours." On the tour will be the:

1. Christian Church Museum, 509 College St.
2. Hedrick Ag History Museum, 1962 Hays Ln.
3. Hays Antique Truck Museum, 1962 Hays Ln.
4. Reiff’s Gas Station, 52 Jefferson
5. Spring Lake School House, Yolo County Fairgrounds
6. Spring Lake/Woodland Fire Museum, Yolo County Fairgrounds
7 Historic Woodland Railroad Depot, Lincoln and Sixth (celebrating 100 years)
8. Woodland Fire Museum, 532 Court St. (home to a 1854 Clapp & Jones, Woodlands first steam/horse drawn fire engine)
9. Historic Gibson House and Yolo County Historical Museum, 512 Gibson Rd. (set on a two and half acre park)
10. Woodland Museum of Biblical Archeology, 240 West Street
11. Woodland Opera House, 320 Second St. (the first Opera House to serve the Sacramento Valley in 1885)

You can start your tour at the Gibson Mansion, 512 Gibson Road, Woodland. Maps and brochures will be available at each site. Contact the Yolo County Historical Museum for further information, 666-1045.

# # #

The annual Historic Downtown Woodland Sidewalk Sale and Craft Faire is today - Saturday, April 9 - from 9 am to 3 pm. There will be 29 vendors in the plaza and on the sidewalks. There should be a good walking crowd downtown and the weather is going to be perfect.

Alice Gillette from Sweet Potato Pie (528 Main Street) says it so well: "Downtown Woodland will be alive with music, crafts, food, fun and so much more! There will be more than 20 vendors selling all sorts of one-of-a-kind items. Handmade sweaters, hats, dresses, clips, bows, candles, glassware, soaps, etc! Find that unique Mother's Day gift, celebrate Springtime, grab the kids and follow the gnome trail - find out more at Heritage Plaza on Saturday!

Come down and enjoy all that your hometown has to offer.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Letter: Wilkinson questions $1 million bait-switch subsidies for multiplex site

From the Woodland Record - Letter to the editor:

Dear City Councilmembers,

I have read the Redevelopment Agency staff report, which recommends a $200,000 grant to Hoblit motors to pay for their relocation costs (when?). I have concerns about this. While I understand the city's interest in retaining this company and its associated jobs and sales tax revenue, in December 2010 the city indicated no subisidies – direct or indirect – would be provided to lessen the cost of the Cinema West theater development. This was the rationale for suspending the RFP process.

Obviously, in choosing to support CW's (unsubsidised project), the city understood the ramifications of supporting a site occupied by an existing business operating in a historic building. It was clear to the general public that there were many risks inherent in this project, including the potential loss of Hoblit Motors, which is a tenant to the property owner. Since this project is, in fact, not a redevelopment project by virtue of the fact the RDA board expected Cinema West to pay for its own project, I do not understand the rationale for public funds being used to relocate Hoblit. Absent the RDA, either Hoblit or the property owner would have to pay for this expense.

Also recommended by city RDA staff, is a potential RDA expenditure of $800,000 for unspecified expenses for the development of Cinema West's multiplex. In speaking with Dave Corkill yesterday, I was told this was proposed by city RDA staff as a "contingency" fund, in the event Cinema West needed money for parking or other off-site improvements. I believe that if the council approves this subsidy, it will violate the public trust and the integrity of the agreement that was approved in December 2010 to suspend the RFP process on the basis of Cinema West declaring that it needed no help from the Redeveloment Agency.

This bait-switch tactic will not fly with the public and I believe such maneuvers will do irreparable harm to the credibility of the city council.


Letter: Caceres objects to $3.5 million in subsidies for Cinema West

From the Woodland Record - Letter to the editor:

Dear City Council Members, Mark Deven and Cynthia Shallit,

Since my microphone was mysteriously not working properly [Tuesday] night I just wanted to clarify my position on the proposed new Redevelopment Investment Strategy and the vote that was taken last night regarding spending $200,000 of public funds to relocate Hoblit Motors.

I realize that the new expedited redevelopment strategy is a result of the Governor's plan to possibly abolish redevelopment agencies in California. Despite this, as Dr. Bill Marble correctly brought to your attention last night, you must be very cautious when spending the public funds in this expedited manner.


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Marble expected to join ranks in thoughtless spending of RDA money

From the Woodland Record:

Not since December 15, 2009, has the Woodland City Council chambers seen the likes of such a Trojan Horse. That was the night redevelopment manager Cynthia Shallit wheeled in a plan that would have given the city the green light to sole source a downtown multiplex project to developer Paul Petrovich for his 801 Main Street property. Shallit ignored her own Redevelopment Advisory Committee to concoct the plan. It took five months to sort out that mess, but on May 5, 2010, council issued a Request for Proposals for a Downtown Multiplex. Of course, almost a year later citizens know that was also a ploy.

Tonight, councilman Bill Marble is expected to announce a self-proclaimed "best solution" to "save" the State Theatre. This new proposal in the form of a Trojan Horse will be carefully crafted to include the "unanimous" backing of the Woodland Opera House board that met only last night to hear Marble's plan. Woven into the saddle of the horse will be the creation of a Woodland Opera House - State Theatre "children's program." Using the pretense of helping children is always a good way to get things approved.

Beware of the fine print: This plan is a subsidy for Dave Corkill, owner/operator of the Cinema West, who offered to rehab the State Theatre on his own in consolation of the City of Woodland Redevelopment Agency suspending the multiplex RFP in his favor on December 14, 2010.


Sunday, April 03, 2011

Holy COW! RDA bag of tricks include sacred projects

City attorney Andrew Morris and city manager Mark Deven scoff and joke after councilman Bill Marble (not shown) questioned the city's utility undergrounding project during the February 1 city council meeting. Dan Sokolow is shown continuing his explanation of the utility improvements scheduled for Dead Cat Alley adjacent to Paul Petrovich's property that is proposed for a multiplex. Because of its location, the undergrounding supports the multiplex project despite claims by the city that it's not a subsidy.

From the Woodland Record:

Desperate times may call for desperate measures, but this latest act by the City of Woodland (COW) Redevelopment Agency (RDA) is better described as reckless, blind, or both. Either city staff - who are herded by councilmen Skip Davies and Art Pimentel on a daily basis - are carelessly hoping that something might stick to the board by throwing a handful of darts, or they are completely blind to public perception after years of coddling their favored (sacred) developer Paul Petrovich.

The latest brazen attempt to undermine public trust comes in the form of a staff report scheduled to be discussed at the Tuesday, April 5, city council/RDA meeting. But is it bravado, or simply the city's biggest blunder to date? Considering the report was released on April 1, maybe it's just a bad joke... a $3.5 million bad joke.


Friday, April 01, 2011

Dustin, Red Rox face AL Champs in opener

From the Boston Red Sox:

Mike Cameron will get the Opening Day start in right field ahead of J.D. Drew, Kevin Youkilis will bat cleanup with first baseman Adrian Gonzalez batting fifth, and center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury will lead off when the Red Sox open their 2011 regular season [today] at Texas.

Following Ellsbury in the lineup is second baseman Dustin Pedroia, left fielder Carl Crawford, Youkilis, Gonzalez, designated hitter David Ortiz, Cameron, catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia and shortstop Marco Scutaro. Left-hander Jon Lester will start [today] for Boston.

Read the rest at

Click here to view Woodlander Dustin Pedroia's Red Sox page and view his "slick play" on video. Dustin batted .305 in the Grapefruit League this spring.