Friday, December 31, 2010

Surf-liners give Surfin' USA Beach Party at Opera House, Jan. 8

The Woodland Opera House invites you to dance away the winter blahs at a surf-theme dance party on January 8, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. Enjoy all of your favorite surf -tunes, dancing on the stage, and the “Gnarliest Hawaiian Shirt” and Hula Hoop contests.

“Surfin’ U.S.A. Beach Party” will feature live instrumental surf music from Yolo County’s own, The Surf-Liners. The Surf-Liners have been part of the local music scene for many years, performing a catchy combination of instrumental surf classics from the early 1960’s and their own original tunes in the classic style. The trio features John Moore Jr. on guitar, Vicky Davis on bass, and Don Moe on drums. In addition to performing throughout Yolo County (and beyond), the group has released a critically-acclaimed CD (“Where’s the Surf?”) and has contributed tracks to several compilation CDs.

So grab your board, warm up your woody wagon, and wear your gnarliest Hawaiian shirt to the Woodland Opera House! All tickets are $10 and are available by calling 666-9617.

Visit the Surf-liner Web site.

Order "Where's the Surf."

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pimentel, Marble to review council applicants who must submit ap by Jan. 14

I have business connections and/or investments that may result in possible conflict of interest. Yes ( ) No ( )

From City of Woodland, City Council:

On December 14, 2010, the Woodland City Council approved a process to seek applications from interested citizens to fill the vacant City Council seat that resulted from Council member Jeff Monroe's resignation effective December 18.

The Council approved the appointment of an Ad-Hoc Committee composed of Mayor Art Pimentel and Council member Bill Marble and asked them to work with the City Manager to develop a process that would allow the vacant seat to be filled through an appointment process. This process will require the development of an application form and interview questions which will be provided to interested citizens who seek appointment.

The Ad-Hoc Committee will screen the applications and select the most highly qualified for interviews. Committee members Pimentel and Marble will conduct the interviews and select the top 2-3 candidates for consideration by the entire City Council during the February 15, 2011 meeting.


See the application and the questions - scroll down to the end of the announcement at the city's Web site.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Davis Vanguard: Provenza's Brown Act claim stirs currents in water deal

From the Davis Vanguard:

A war of words is brewing in the County Government over the water deal signed a week and a half ago by Yolo County with Angelo Tsakopoulos. County Supervisor Jim Provenza of Davis is accusing the county of having run an illegal meeting, chaired by his colleague in Davis, outgoing Supervisor Helen Thomson.

According to a Sunday article in the Davis Enterprise, Helen Thomson has fired back calling Jim Provenza's accusation "a crock" and saying it was "very irritating."

"Thomson said she has never presided over an illegal meeting, and she certainly didn't do so during the last one of her 36-year political career, which ends Friday," the Enterprise reported.

Jim Provenza, who opposed the deal, argued that we must insure that the public is aware of the issues that are being considered and is notified with enough time to give them a chance to participate. In this case, he argues, the county has failed to do so.


Read about the water agreements at

See the water agreements.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Woodland Christmas 100 years ago

Woodland Daily Democrat advertisements published 100 years ago on December 24, 1910. Top: Hughs & Lee Toyland of Yolo Co. (page 2). Bottom: Dreamland Theatre (page 3) - watch for David Wilkinson's new book to be published soon, "Hollywood comes to Woodland."

Read a poem written by Bernice Ball of the Holy Rosary Academy published 100 years ago by the Woodland Daily Democrat on December 24, 1910. It appeared on page 3, the editorial page. See it at

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

City council expected to pass $42.6 million for rights to drink river water

From City of Woodland, City Council:

SUBJECT: Installment Purchase Agreement between the City of Woodland and the Woodland Davis Clean Water Agency
DATE: December 21, 2010

Report in Brief: The Woodland Davis Clean Water Agency (Agency) has been negotiating with representatives of Reclamation District 2035 (RD 2035), Conaway Preservation Group (CPG), and the Cities of Davis and Woodland on a package of proposed agreements relating to the purchase and acquisition of water rights and real property interests and a joint river intake/diversion facility for the Davis-Woodland Water Supply Project (Project). CPG has been represented in these negotiations by Tri-City Water and Farm LLC (Tri-City), which is a new company formed by Angelo Tsakopoulos (AKT Development Corp.) to facilitate the acquisition of a controlling interest in CPG.

These negotiations have culminated in five proposed agreements, which are described in the Background Section below. Of the five agreements, one is an Installment Purchase Agreement (Agreement) between the City of Woodland and the Agency, which is the subject of this report. The Agreement is intended to back up and secure the City’s commitment (subject to compliance with Proposition 218) to fix and collect water rates sufficient to cover the purchase rights to 10,000 acre feet per year of Sacramento River surface water to be used in the project, when diversions under the Agency’s own water rights will not be available.

Staff recommends that the City Council adopt Resolution No. _______ that will support the following actions:


Marble releases statement on complicated WDCWA agreement

From Bill Marble, Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency chair:

“We are pleased to announce that the board of directors of the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency met in closed session [on December 14] to review historic agreements paving the way for a high quality water supply for our cities at the most affordable price. We have been deliberate in our negotiations and are completely committed to transparency in this process. We expect to release the contracts and documents by tomorrow in order to give the public as much time as possible for review.

On Tuesday, December 21 the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency will conduct a special meeting to consider public input and approval of a package of proposed agreements relating to the purchase and acquisition of water rights, a joint river intake/diversion facility, and necessary land easements for project piping and other needed facilities.

If approved by all parties, these historic agreements would lay the groundwork for one of the most important infrastructure projects in our region’s history.


WDCWA board to consider permanent river water rights this afternoon

From the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency:

The Board of the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency (WDCWA) is considering agreements to purchase a water intake facility site on the Sacramento River, along with permanent rights to 10,000 acre-feet of surface water annually, starting in 2016. The proposed agreements with the Conaway Preservation Group (CPG) will be considered by WDCWA at 4 p.m., Tuesday, December 21, at Davis City Hall. If approved by WDCWA, the City Councils of Davis and Woodland will consider the agreements on Tuesday, December 21.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Davies' blockbuster "I never liked the State proposal" coming to a theater near you

From the Woodland Record:

The vote was anticipated, but what came from the mouths of Skip Davies, Art Pimentel and Martie Dote may put the City of Woodland in a Tim Burton movie script. Devoid of fact, but full of fanciful fiction, the three provided monologues fit for the seasonal films "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Edward Scissorhands."

Davies decided to ignore the many reasonable arguments cast by State Theatre Renovation and Expansion supporters to deliver a short - not sweet - premeditated dictate about politicking. He said he did not like the politics used by the State group and that he "never liked the State proposal." Contrary to his contrary position of last night, December 14, Davies was overheard telling Ron Caceres after the October 5 meeting that he "liked" the State plan, but was looking for more details. For this, the self-labeled "politician" (in contrast to "government representative") could take the role of Burton's Mayor of Halloween Town... the swivel-headed, bi-faced character who loud-speaks while driving his Mayor-mobile.

The council chamber was full of supporters for Caceres' plan that was submitted in response to a May 5 Request for Proposals for a downtown multiplex.

Read more, including Ron Caceres' statement at

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yolo Sun on council vacancy: City manager endorsement is "conflict-of-interest"

From the Yolo Sun opinion piece "Special election preferred for council vacancy; City manager endorsement a conflict-of-interest:

Woodland City Council Member Jeff Monroe vacated his seat by means of a brief formal letter of December 18, 2010, allowing the remaining four Council members by recent amendment to state law until February 16 to choose either election or appointment to fill this vacancy.

State law (usually inclined to optimize participatory democracy) obviously provides generous and powerful incentive for qualifying local governments (pop. under 100,000) to choose special election rather than appointment to fill vacancies of elected officials: an all mail-in ballot.

Based on the Woodland City Staff Report accompanying this agenda item for the December 14 Council meeting — a special election using a mail-in ballot is estimated to cost — only $15,000 — about a quarter (1/4) of the cost of a conventional, polling-place election.


Monday, December 13, 2010

In case the RDA has forgotten, the HWDBA endorses the State Theatre Renovation and Expansion

From the Woodland Record - Letter to the editor:

The following letter was submitted by the Historic Woodland Downtown Business Association as part of Ron Caceres' response to the Redevelopment Agency's RFP for a downtown multiplex. It was also published in the September 1, 2010, edition of the Woodland Record newspaper:

June 10, 2010
Woodland City Council
300 First Street
Woodland, CA 95695

Members of the City Council,

The Historic Woodland Downtown Business Association is very enthusiastic about the State Theatre Restoration and Development Project presented to us by developer Ron Caceres.

The HWDBA believes that the city and the downtown corridor will benefit more if the lone existing theatre in our historic district is restored to its original splendor. We whole heartedly endorse this fabulous project.

The HWDBA considered these important points when making our endorsement:
• Redeveloping the State Theater location into a modern multiplex will anchor the west entrance into the historic downtown.
• The redevelopment will blend both historic building and new construction, providing a model for redevelopment for the city, including the west side of the city.
• Redevelopment will spur business development in the surrounding blocks.
• The project will save and preserve historic architecture.
• The project will save a long standing iconic business in Woodland.

In closing, the HWDBA strongly endorses the proposed redevelopment plan for a State Theater multiplex over the proposed multiplex development at the Third Street address.

Anita Long
President, HWDBA

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Letter: Wilkinson calls RDA on Petrovich/Cinema West subsidies for parking and Hoblit relocation

From the Woodland Record - Letter to editor:

To: Mark Deven ; Cynthia Shallit
Cc: Art Pimentel ; Skip Davies ; Martie Dote ; Bill Marble
Subject: Staff Report - Downtown Theater Project


I read the city staff report today and have concerns about the recommendation to suspend the RFP process and work exclusively with CinemaWest application.

You indicated in the staff report that "CinemaWest notified the Agency that it intended to purchase the site and build a theater complex with his own financing and not request any Agency/City financial assistance." (p, 1).

On page 2, however, you indicate "It is anticipated that the applicant [CinemaWest] may ask for approval of an alternative parking plan." Also, on page 2 the staff report says, "It is also anticipated that the Hoblit car dealership, located there, will request some financial assistance from the Agency in relocating temporarily to a new site... relocation assistance is likely to be approximately $200,000."


Friday, December 10, 2010

As expected Deven, Shallit, Dote and Davies reject State Theatre Renovation and Expansion in favor of Petrovich and Cinema West

From the Report to Redvelopment Agency Board for the December 14 RDA meeting:
[With notations by the Woodland Record]

Subject: Status of Downtown Theater Project

Staff recommends that the Redevelopment Agency Board approve Alternative No. 1.

Alternative Courses of Action

1. Suspend the Downtown Theater Selection Process pending the outcome of the Cinema West project application and direct staff to work with the Friends of the State Theater and other interested parties to develop a plan to restore and reuse the State Theater.

2. Process the Cinema West application and direct staff to draft an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with RCI that would be returned to the Agency Board for consideration in the event that a condition occurs that causes the Cinema West application to stall.

3. Terminate the Downtown Theater Selection Process and continue the required work on the Cinema West application.

The recommended alternative (Alternative No. 1) also recognizes the outpouring of support that was shown for rehabilitation and reuse of the historic State Theater. Staff believes that the Agency should begin discussions with the Friends of the State Theater and other interested parties in order to explore opportunities to restore and reuse the State Theater for a desired community use. Staff has no preconceptions as to what that use should be and should not offer any suggestions until discussions with the community are held. Based on those discussions, it may be appropriate to return to the Agency Board in the future with a request to allocate funds that would facilitate the consideration of ideas for restoration and reuse of the historic building.

[Note: "The outpouring of support" was for Ron Caceres' State Renovation and Expansion project, not just to rehabilitate and reuse the State Theatre. As for the preconceptions, the subcommittee discussed these things at its Nov. 9 meeting: 1) Reject State Theater proposal, 2) Make a commitment to renovate at least the exterior of the facility, 3) Make a commitment to find an end user, 4) Staff is making contact with other communities (show comparison sheet), and considering hiring an entertainment feasibility consultant – Some scenarios, 1) Agency does not buy the State, 2) Agency offers funds for rehab – can control construction through terms of the loan/grant, require competitive selection of architect and contractor, etc., 3) Need to determine what historic features if any community wants restored and the cost, 4) Agency RFPs for end user. Uses $2 million for construction as the incentive. See who comes forward, but aggressively searches for partners/users, 5) State becomes a “theater pub” or regional music venue.]

Read the report here.

The RDA subcommitee that formulated the staff report is:

Mark Deven, RDA executive director
Cynthia Shallit, RDA/Housing manager
Skip Davies, RDA boardmember
Martie Dote, RDA boardmember
Paul Siegel, CDD deputy director, City of Woodland
Tim Kelly, Consultant, Keyser-Marston.
Helen Bean, Project manager, City of Emeryville

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Special December issue of Woodland Record includes highlights of the bizarre downtown multiplex process

The special December issue of the Woodland Record is ready for circulation. Look for them at the drop-off locations listed at right, AND, there will be someone distributing FREE single papers during the Christmas Parade on Saturday. Click here to see the PDF.

Along with the list of a thousand-plus supporters of the State Theatre Renovation and Expansion proposal, this edition features a recap of the bizarre downtown multiplex process including this highlight chart on the back page:

The highlights

1993 – Woodland’s Downtown Specific Plan only refers to the State Theatre, no other planned multiplexes: “Take all appropriate actions to retain the existing downtown theaters.”

2003 – Without a public process, city manager Richard Kirkwood asks Paul Petrovich to buy the Hoblit dealership site at 801 Third (and Main) to develop a theater in the future.

Read more at Woodland

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Caceres requests exclusive negotiating period for State/Galaxy – cost to RDA: $0

From the Woodland Record – Letter to the editor:

December 7, 2010

Dear Council Members [RDA], City of Woodland Staff and Friends of The State Theatre,

The City of Woodland Redevelopment Agency approved a Request For Proposal (RFP) for a Downtown Multiplex Theatre project in May. Two responses were received and one has now withdrawn their proposal. We can only surmise that this respondent felt the public sentiment was heavily in favor of a project that included saving the State Theatre, our project. This same group is now attempting to circumvent the entire RFP process and build a multiplex theatre project at their location, with presumably no subsidy.

Our team responded to your RFP in good faith and has worked for many months to find an excellent theatre operator, secure the land, obtain the financing and put together the best project possible for the City of Woodland. Many people have been involved, spending precious time on this project and spending money. I have personally spent a considerable amount of money on this project in confidence of the City’s promise to choose a project. Our project to save and expand the State Theatre has been put forth with the best of intentions and with significant effort on the part of many local people who would still like to see it go forward today.

We are respectfully requesting that you vote to allow us an exclusive negotiating period of 120-180 days to see if we can resolve any outstanding issues with Chase Bank, and work out all of the details of our project with City staff. The City can only benefit by allowing us to proceed. There is no detriment to the City to allow us this time, as we will spend our own money to bring forth the project that best serves the City and community.



Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Skewed process nearing critical mass, State supporters fear rejection but remain hopeful


From the Woodland Record:

Last night the Woodland City Council received the Community Development Department's monthly project status report. What you didn't find discussed are two buried entries that describe the Redevelopment Agency's attempt to further coddle two developers who quit the RDA's RFP process for a downtown multiplex.

In the summary portion of the report it reads: "Both downtown theater project proposals were found lacking and staff was directed to continue evaluating the projects. The most significant problems on the State Theater were inability to gain site control and an understated budget. The most significant problems on the Cinema West proposal were lack of consideration for relocation of the Hoblit dealership and inadequate equity contribution. Both requested more public subsidy than desired."

A public records request – like pulling teeth in this town – has revealed that Paul Petrovich and Cinema West (Dave Corkill) submitted an incomplete 40-page document on the deadline of June 10. On June 15 Petrovich produced his finance plan (pro forma) that included a budget item for $5.2 million of city subsidies but did not contain any budget (or plan) for the relocation of the Hoblit car dealership that inconveniently sits at Third and Main, the site of their proposal. However, one relocation strategy silently became apparent in August when Petrovich virtually doubled Hoblit's rent from $5,500 to $10,000 per month – and it's rising!


Monday, December 06, 2010

Yolo Sun: City manager... culture no, roads yo

From the Yolo Sun article "City Manager Proposes Nixing Library Expansion; Lavish Roadway Program Steamrolls Civic Culture:"

Woodland Public Library, despite having recently demonstrated strong political support for keeping its doors open (virtually equal with public safety: 65% to 66%) in the June primary election — immediately faces — “eliminat[ion of] the possibility of completing the expansion of the Library as originally planned” — according to the staff report of Mark Deven, City Manager, related to the revised Measure E (half-cent supplemental sales tax) revenue allocation plan, which appears on the City Council agenda for December 7.

Here’s the detailed bottom-line of this key city council action...

Read the rest at

Friday, December 03, 2010

Woodland in the news again, not good stuff

Rats living in Lee School roof

Gibson House Festival of Trees continues Saturday

Excerpts from

Fourth Annual Festival of Trees, Saturday, December 4, 2010

Join this magical event and help celebrate the spirit of the holiday season while helping support the Gibson House Museum. [The Festival of Trees began on Thursday evening.]

On Saturday afternoon, December 4th, Santa stops by the Gibson House between 1 and 3:30 p.m. to talk with children and a photographer will be on hand to capture the moment. Children are also encouraged to make a holiday ornament to take home. There will be holiday treats for visitors, as well as gift baskets and other holiday foods for purchase. The museum will be open for tours during that time and the Gibson House gardeners will be holding a plant sale.

The Gibson House Museum is located at 512 Gibson Road in Woodland. For further information, please contact the museum office at (530) 666-1045