Thursday, September 30, 2010

Staff wants more time with multiplex proposals, claims RFP was more for the Petrovich plan

From the Woodland Record:

"This project appears to more directly address the Redevelopment Agency goal as stated in the RFP - to attract a modern Cineplex to the heart of downtown to act as a catalyst for further activity and investment in downtown." That is what redevelopment manager Cynthia Shallit said about the Petrovich multiplex proposal in her staff report to the Redevelopment Agency Board.

In actuality, the Request for Proposals issued on May 5 by the RDA asked for multiplex proposals for two sites in the downtown - at 801 Main Street (the Electric Garage site) owned by Paul Petrovich and at 322 Main Street (the State Theatre site) owned by Richard Mann. And also without showing any preference, the Downtown Specific Plan lists both sites for possible future development of multiplexes. The idea for a multiplex that includes the State Theatre is the oldest plan, listed in the 1993 DSP.

Sacramento developer Paul Petrovich submitted a proposal for 801 Main - Third and Main - and Woodland developer Ron Caceres submitted a proposal for 322 Main - the State Theatre Renovation and Expansion Project. Mann has agreed to sell the State Theatre to Caceres.

And in another attempt to skew the Petrovich plan to the selection criteria, Shallit stated, "Both locations could potentially have a positive impact on the preservation of historic structures. If the theater is located at 801 Main Street, the additional activity and resultant investment could help attract business users for the currently vacant or underutilized historic buildings." She glossed over the fact that the 99 year-old Electric Garage building - "one of Woodland's most important commercial buildings" as cited in a recent evaluation by Mead & Hunt - would be demolished if the Petrovich plan is approved.

In summary, Shallit feels the need to further investigate the "financial feasibility of each project which may include the need for agency funds" and has requested more time to do this without committing to a deadline for the selection.

Click here to read the entire staff report.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yolo Sun opinion: Petrovich multiplex is another sweetheart deal with city

From the Yolo Sun editorial "Petrovich imperils historic State Theatre project:

Because of a recent policy of unreasonable constriction of press access to city staff-persons, in order to best cover city hall Yolo Sun has recently relied upon reliable and knowledgeable sources, but persons who regrettably had to remain anonymous [Redevelopment Agency Being Manuevered Against Proposal For Renovation Of Historic State Theatre].

Using such sources is a conventional journalistic practice in situations where it is deemed to be justifiable under particular circumstances.

Revealed by these dependable sources is grave cause for concern among persons who believe that restoration/renovation of the State Theatre is or should be a downtown planning-policy imperative.

Read the rest at

The Yolo Sun is brought to you by the Corner Drug Company, an independent, full-service pharmacy serving Woodland since 1897. Corner Drug is located at 602 Main Street, Woodland.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Madison resident reports Pit Bull attack, warns of other loose dogs

From the Woodland Record:

Submitted by a Madison resident: On Thursday, September 23, I was blind-side attacked by a vicious Pit Bull while walking my dogs in Madison. I fought the dog on the ground - and when I managed to get to my feet he bit and clamped on my small dogs rear leg and hip. I jumped on him and pried his mouth open to release my dog. He is in quarantine until October 3 with the Yolo County Animal control. The owner wants the dog to return to town and we are all terrified of this vicious animal. I was the target and Yolo County doesn't seem to get it... there are a lot of Pit Bulls that run loose in Madison. I was lucky, sometimes I have my small grandchildren with me.

Holy Rosary School celebrates 125 years! Dinner set for Oct. 7

The Holy Rosary Academy was established in 1886 on the south side of Main Street, west of Walnut and across from the old Yolo Brewery site (about where Nugget Market is). Courtesy photo.

From the Woodland Record:

Kicking off its 125 anniversary celebrations, Holy Rosary School invites the community to join in on a fabulous chicken and rib dinner on October 7.

“Holy Rosary Day,” annually recognizes the establishment of Holy Rosary Academy in 1886, originally located on Main Street. After a fire destroyed the grand Victorian-styled building in the early 1950s, the school was rebuilt at its current location on California Street.

The dinner is from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. $10 per individual or $35 for family of four. Dine-in or take-out available. The evening will also include games and entertainment. Tickets can be purchased at 505 California Street or by calling the school office at 668-2444. All proceeds benefit Holy Rosary School.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friends of the State Theatre prepare for Oct. 5 council meeting, rumors addressed

Here is Alternative One of the State Theatre Renovation and Expansion as submitted in response to the RDA's RFP and presented at the June 12 kick-off meeting of the Friends of the State Theatre. This proposed concept will likely be modified in response to community input if Ron Caceres is selected as the developer for a downtown multiplex. Courtesy image. Click here for a larger view.

From the Woodland Record:

On Tuesday evening, October 5, Woodland City Council will be presented a status report on the Redevelopment Agency's Downtown Multiplex Project by city manager Mark Deven. The report is scheduled to be posted at the city's Web site on October 1 as part of council's agenda for their regularly scheduled meeting. The October 5 date was finally settled after a series of scheduling problems.

The status report will come about three weeks after the Friends of the State Theatre September 11 rally of about 60 supporters - less than a half percent of the 1,200 Facebookers who have pledged their support for the State Theatre Renovation and Expansion Project as proposed by Woodland developer Ron Caceres. There are over 300 supporters who have registered at

At the September 11 rally Friends leader and local historian David Wilkinson addressed many concerns raised in - what he claimed as - misinformed comments by rival developer Paul Petrovich who has submitted a plan for Third and Main Streets. Petrovich's comments were reported in a previous Daily Democrat article.

The Friends of the State Theatre group plans to make use of the public comment period during the October 5 agenda item. They will address the following concerns and rumors - many of which derive from city hall - associated with the State Theatre project:

Read the rest at

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Woodland ain't so bad

From the LA County DA's office:

District Attorney Steve Cooley announced Bell’s former city manager and several current and former council members were arrested this morning on charges they misappropriated more than $5.5 million, including being paid for phantom committee meetings and making illegal personal loans.

“We are alleging they used the tax dollars collected from the hard-working citizens of Bell as their own piggy bank, which they looted at will,” Cooley said at a press conference.

Early this morning the D.A.’s Bureau of Investigation arrested former city manager Robert Rizzo, former assistant city manager Angela Spaccia, Mayor Oscar Hernandez, Vice Mayor Teresa Jacobo, council members George Mirabal, Luis Artiga and former council members George Cole and Victor Bello.

Read the rest at

Friday, September 17, 2010

Study session nixed, then report date changed - Council to get status report on downtown multiplex on Oct. 5

This? Or this? Will the city council have 20-20 vision on the downtown multiplex proposals?


This story was updated on Sunday, Sept. 19.

Woodland City Council will begin its focus on the two downtown multiplex proposals on Tuesday, Oct. 5, when a status report will be given by city staff during a regular meeting.

A source for the Record previously indicated that a council study session will be held Sept. 28, but apparently that was scrapped before it got out of the gate. City manager Mark Deven clarified, "We will not be having a study session on September 28. [It is] our desire to present to the community and the city council a status report on the downtown theater selection process. Right now our target is to present that as part of the regular meeting of October 12." Deven later stated the new date was a mistake and that council will receive the status report on Oct. 5. "We delayed it a week to give us a little more time to prepare the report," he said.

Essentially, an attempt was made to schedule a study session for Sept. 28 and there was an indication that it was a go. For unknown reasons, city staff reconsidered the schedule or one or more council members had a problem with that date. A study session would likely mean that at least parts of the proposals would be revealed to the public.

Sacramento developer Paul Petrovich has proposed a theater complex on the north side of Main Street between Third and Fourth Streets. Woodland developer Ron Caceres has proposed a theater complex on the south side of Main between Walnut and Elm to include the State Theatre. Cinema West would be the operator for the Third and Main "Theatre Square" plan, Galaxy Theatres would be the operator for the State Theatre Renovation and Expansion plan.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Historic movie house tour ends at State Theatre for rally

From the Woodland Record:

During the unStroll Day in the historic downtown Woodland on Saturday, nearly 60 walking tourists relived old movie houses through tales told by David Wilkinson and photographs shown by Bill Hollingshead - whose father Paul W. Hollingshead documented many of the locations with his beautiful work.

Wilkinson, a local historian and author of the soon-to-be-released book called "Hollywood Comes to Woodland," led the curious throng from the Opera House (site of the first commercial movie picture shown in Woodland), to other locations including the Airdome/Bill's Theatre site, the Grand/Elite Theatres site, the Porter Theatre site and the Yolo Theatre site - but the tour turned into a rally at the State Theatre. As the leader of the Friends of the State Theatre group, Wilkinson seized the opportunity to convene at the historic theater (designed by noted architect S. Charles Lee) to update supporters of Woodland developer Ron Caceres' plan to renovate and expand the State into a multiplex.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

9-11 honored in his own way

There is one thing you can always count on every year for 9-11. That would be Marchane Robinson on top of the West St and I-5 overpass, flying his American flag and waving to traffic. You can find him up there from 5 am until noon, every single 9-11, showing his own way of honoring those who died, those troops fighting for us now and keeping the pride of America up one car at a time.

I make sure I drive my family by every year to give him a honk and to say thanks for remembering.

Thanks Marchane!

Letter finally comes out against State, veil of neutrality hides Petrovich ties

From the Daily Democrat letter to the editor "How many theaters can Woodland have?"

I have lived in Woodland all my life. I have attended many movies at the State Theatre as well as the defunct Yolo and Porter Theatres. I have no sentimental attachment to any of them. I go to a theater to watch a good movie, not to sit in the dark and marvel at the art deco decorations.

It does not matter to me if the State Theatre is renovated or Mr. Petrovich builds a new one. My only question is: Who has done the market research to show that Woodland can support another multi-screen movie complex?

Read the rest at

But before you read it, consider this:

The author of the letter is Marylin Thompson, who lives in Woodland with her husband Andrew Thompson. She is the sister of Robert Millsap.

Andrew Thompson and Robert Millsap are partners in a law firm called Millsap, Millsap & Thompson.

And you remember this Woodland Record article: "Downtown multiplex process scrutinized: Ties to Pimentel campaign." Here is an excerpt from that:

The Petrovich's main office is located at 5046 Sunrise Boulevard in Fair Oaks – that's 5046 Sunrise Blvd. Robert Millsap is their Director of Development for Yolo County as listed on Petrovich's 154-acre Gateway Phase II application for rezoning and annexation. Susan Millsap ( works in property sales for the company.

Now... why would Pimentel be set on a sole source process when an RFP process would not exclude the Petrovich's from participating with the Hoblit site (or even with the State Theatre)?

Let's take a look at city council campaign financing, at least for a period in 2008. The "Friends of Art Pimentel Committee" (ID No. 1301822, California) listed the following on "Form 460 Schedule A - Monetary Contributions Received" that is on file in city hall:

Robert Millsap
32595 County Rd. 19, Woodland
$950 (2/14/08)

Susan Millsap
32595 County Rd. 19, Woodland
$950 (2/14/08)

Marylin Thompson said, "It does not matter to me if the State Theatre is renovated or Mr. Petrovich builds a new one." Really? As a former county archivist it would seem she would be behind the idea of renovating and using the historic State Theatre.

Letters: Stroll, YCHS, HWDBA, endorse State Theatre Renovation and Expansion

From the Woodland Record - Letters to the editor:

By Reva Barzo
President, Stroll Through History Committee

DEAR MS. SHALLIT [Cynthia Shallit is the City of Woodland Redevelopment Manager],

The Woodland Stroll Through History Committee enthusiastically supports and endorses the plan by local developer Ron Caceres to rehab and expand the historic State Theatre.

The Stroll was founded in 1989 and the downtown walking tours, including “Dead Cat Alley” and “Hollywood Comes to Woodland,” continue to be popular among local residents and tourists alike.


By Anita Long
President, Historic Woodland Downtown Business Association

MEMBERS of the City Council,

The Historic Woodland Downtown Business Association is very enthusiastic about the State Theatre Restoration and Development Project presented to us by developer Ron Caceres.
The HWDBA believes that the city and the downtown corridor will benefit more if the lone existing theatre in our historic district is restored to its original splendor. We whole heartedly endorse this fabulous project.


By BJ Ford
President, Yolo County Historical Society

DEAR MS. SHALLIT [Cynthia Shallit is the City of Woodland Redevelopment Manager],
The Board of Directors of the Yolo County Historical Society discussed the city’s RFP and understands the city will choose between a proposal to build a new multiplex at the site of the historic Electric Garage (Hoblit Motors) or a proposal to preserve and rehabilitate the historic State Theatre and expand it into a multiplex.

The Board of Directors endorses the plan and proposal for the State Theatre.


Thursday, September 09, 2010

I can't stand idiot drivers

I consider myself a pretty good driver. I can comprehend the most basic laws of driving a vehicle. It's not like it is that hard if you have any tiny bit of common sense. Obviously many people have zero common sense. From my observations it seems the best solutions would be to put traffic control lights on everything. Everything like 4 way stops, freeway on ramps, driveways, Bel Aire parking lot, School buses, cross walks, sometimes just the middle of nowhere.

Here are my top ten problems with idiot drivers:

1. Stop when there is no stop sign.
2. Turn so slow they might as well be stopped
3. 4 way stop signs - when people are nice and try to let someone else go even though it is their turn.
4. People that think yield means speed up and merge without looking.
5. People that drive 25 mph in a 45 mph zone.
6. People that stop 25 feet short of the cross walk just so they can go first at a four way stop.
7. Rubberneckers.
8. Student drivers.
9. Old drivers.
10. People who can't drive worth a crap when they are talking on their cell phones and screwed it up for the rest of us that can!

What gets under your skin?

Wilkinson jabs back at Democrat article about multiplex

From the letter to the editor "Rehab of the State Theatre: The 'wrongheaded' but right thing to do" by David Wilkinson:

I was amused, but not surprised reading developer Paul Petrovich's political posturing and his predictable condemnation of the hundreds of engaged citizens who are supporting the rehabilitation and expansion of the State Theatre, calling them "wrongheaded." (Daily Democrat, Sept. 3.)

Well, I am one of those wrongheaded people who firmly believe the State Theatre is a superior project to the new multiplex theater he proposes to building at Third/Main. There are hundreds of wrongheaded people like me who are engaged as "Friends of the State" in this community effort and recognize an innovative and worthy project when they see it.

Ron Caceres has stepped forward to champion the preservation of the State and provide something truly exceptional for Woodland. He is furthering the tradition of other local preservationists who have come before him. Like Petrovich, Caceres is a successful commercial developer, but wants to focus his efforts on the deep spiritual rewards of historic preservation. He wants to do something out of the ordinary with a return on investment not just for himself, but for the community. Call it being generously wrongheaded. He lives here and wants to be able to enjoy what he builds and have others enjoy it as well.

Read the rest while you can at

Or read the copy sent to the Woodland Record.

WHS alum Duffy Bishop brings her talent home Friday night

From the Woodland Opera House:

On Friday, September 10, (at 7:30) singer/entertainer and WHS alumni (Patti Duffy), will once again bring the Duffy Bishop Band back to the Woodland Opera House for a one night only performance. It has been five years since her last hometown performance, Duffy and the band are looking forward to raising the roof in the cherished Woodland Opera House.

With the horns back in the band, there are new tunes along with new arrangements. Duffy will be giving it her all in that big feisty style of hers.

The band is comprised of Chris Carlson on guitar, Dean Mueller on bass, Kelly Dunn on drums, and reed players Jon Goforth and Brad Ulrich. Duffy is really looking forward to entertaining her hometown family.

Click HERE to purchase reserved seats or call the box office at 530-666-9617. All seats $25.

Read the full story about Duffy Bishop at as seen in the September issue of the Woodland Record.

Courtesy photo.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bellini named Chief of Police

From City of Woodland, City Council:

Woodland city manager Mark Deven announced today that current interim chief of police Dan Bellini has been appointed as the chief of police effective October 1. The city manager’s selection of Chief Bellini was discussed during a closed session prior to the Tuesday, September 7, city council meeting which generated the unanimous support of the council.

Chief Bellini was appointed interim chief following the departure of former chief Carey Sullivan on June 30. Chief Sullivan left Woodland to become chief of police in Hillsboro, Oregon, a community of over 90,000 citizens near Portland.


Staycation schedule announced for Saturday

Be a tourist in your own hometown… enjoy a Staycation in Historic Downtown Woodland on September 11!

Activities Schedule:
Check posted schedules on event day for the most current activities

9 am-12 pm Woodland Farmer’s Market and Health Fair
9 am-2pm Friends of the Library Book Sale (Library)
9 am Registration for Pet Parade (Farmer’s Market)
9:00 am Dead Cat Alley tour (Heritage Plaza)
9:30 am Pet Parade & Pet Costume Contest (Farmer’s Market to Woodland Library)
10 am-noon Family Games on the Green (Farmer’s Market)
10 am-noon “Surfliners” performing at the Farmer’s Market
10 am - 2 pm Woodland Historic Train Depot open
10 am - 3 pm Antique fire engines (At old Station 1 next to City Hall)
10:30 am “Hollywood Comes to Woodland” Historic Theater Tour (Heritage Plaza to State Theater)
10:30 am Rose Garden tour (Woodland Public Library)
11 am Historic Woodland Carnegie Library tour
11:30 am “Save our State Theater” Rally (State Theater, 322 Main Street)
1 pm Slide show presentation by Nadine Salonites followed by a tour of the Woodland Opera House
1 pm-3 pm Children’s Art Contest: Art & Voting at Silvina’s Basket
2 pm Grand Opening at Dixie’s Paws and Claws (Main Street)
1:30 pm Historic Woodland Carnegie Library tour

All day Sidewalk Sales at downtown merchants and free entertainment at local restaurants

More information and current schedules of events and activities available at,,, and

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Council/RDA will approve $375,000 loss in court land deal tonight, purchase/sale prices missing from resolutions

Excerpts from the staff report to Woodland City Council - Ratification of Purchase and Sale Agreements for Woodland
Courthouse Project, September 7, 2010:

Report in brief:

The Woodland Redevelopment Agency has been assisting the State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) in acquiring the parcels that will be used for the new Woodland Courthouse Project. The Agency Board will need to memorialize the purchase of the properties necessary for the Courthouse Project by ratifying the purchase and sale agreements for all of the properties involved. The $173 million project will result in the construction of a 163,000 square foot building with fourteen courtrooms on the block of Main Street between Fifth and Sixth streets, allowing the consolidation of seven local court facilities into one building.

Staff recommends that the Agency Board adopt Agency resolutions as described herein to ratify the purchase and sale agreements for the parcels that will be used for the Woodland Courthouse Project and authorize and direct the Agency Executive Director and Secretary to prepare and execute on behalf of the Agency all further documents and take all actions as are necessary to carry out the Agency’s obligations under the purchase and sale agreements. Staff also recommends that the City Council adopt Resolution No. _____ authorizing the execution of a Purchase and Sale Agreement for the City-owned lot at 445 Fifth Street.

Fiscal impact:

The Agency Board at its May 18, 2010 meeting approved the authorization of $3,109,370 in redevelopment bond proceeds for the purchase of the parcels needed for the Woodland Courthouse Project. Pursuant to the MOU between the Agency and the State (AOC), the Agency will be reimbursed for all but $375,000 of the land acquisition cost. Of that amount, $310,000 represents the difference between the price the Agency paid for the parcels through an amicable and fair negotiation process and the appraised value which is the maximum amount the AOC is authorized to pay. The remaining $65,000 is professional services associated with the acquisition process that are not eligible for reimbursement. The Agency’s approval of the purchase and sale agreements will add $535,000 to the City’s General Fund. Redevelopment funds in the amount of $535,000 will be used to purchase the City lot.


Monday, September 06, 2010

Letter to Friends of the State Theatre: Thank you Michael and Sept. 11 event

From the Woodland Record – Letter to the editor:

Dear Friends of State Theatre,

Well, by now most of you know the State Theatre is closing today. It is a sad day and we should all thank Michael Morgan for operating the venerable movie house for 12 years and contributing to its 73 year history. It is now up to the community to ensure that the State Theatre is reborn as the State Galaxy Theatres multiplex.


Thanks to all of you who have written letters to the city council and for the many excellent letters sent to the Daily Democrat and Woodland Record. It is ESSENTIAL to continue to write those letters. They have a profound impact on decision makers. It is clear from the outpouring of support the community favors the State Theatre project, but we need to continue to send the message loud and clear. Please do everything you can to spread the word and get your friends involved and signed up at the Friends website.


Friday, September 03, 2010

Kitty litter

Is it just me, or does it smell like cat crap outside? I am serious, it is not dog, not human, but most definitely cat crap. At first I thought it was just me, or maybe I needed a shower. Now I have heard it from others as well. Anyone else smelling this?

September Woodland Record hits the streets

The September issue of the Woodland Record is out!

Cover story:

"Talents bring music back home"
• Duffy Bishop returns home to play Woodland Opera House Friday, Sept. 10
• WHS alum Mark Chiolis creates site to reconnect local bands with area fans


• Historic movie site tour... page 5
• Portuguese dinner... page 6
• About the Stroll... page 8
• Letters endorse State... page 9
• County gang stats... page 12

See the issue here!

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Wanted: Rare and unique items to buy at Holiday Inn Express

From the Woodland Record:

The Ohio Valley Refinery & Roadshow is now in Woodland until Saturday, September 4, at the Holiday Inn Express, 2070 Freeway Drive, Woodland. Hours are 9 am to 6 pm Friday and 9 to 4 on Saturday.

How the event works – Inside a large conference center, the Ohio Valley Gold & Silver team creates an inviting atmosphere where guests can wait in line while observing other locals unique items:

• Tables are arranged in multiple stations where refinery representatives are sitting.
• Sellers are asked to come to a table where a representative will examine your items.
• The items are laid out on the refinery representative’s tables for viewing. The items are valued and then an offer to purchase is given; It’s that simple!
• Guests can turn into sellers!
• Once all the items have been reviewed , we will make an offer to purchase on what
the collectors are willing to pay.
• Guests have the option to sell their items on the spot and receive money right there.

Many guests have left with hundreds and even thousands of dollars for items they considered junk that was collecting dust!


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

State Theatre operator to close shop

Several sources have confirmed that the operator of the State Theatre will close his business. Apparently, Michael Morgan will show his last film in Woodland on Labor Day. He was recently interviewed by Fox 40 News and stated he had plans to show discounted "multicultural" movies in the future - if the City of Woodland approved the Third and Main multiplex proposal submitted by Sacramento developer Paul Petrovich.

Galaxy Theatres will resume the 73 year history of movies at the State if the city approves the State Theatre Renovation and Expansion proposal submitted by Woodland developer Ron Caceres.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.