Monday, August 30, 2010

Letter: State Theatre exemplifies leveraging of historic resources

From the Woodland Record - Letter to the editor:

Dear Councilwoman Dote and Councilman Davies:

We are writing to express our keen support for the preservation and expansion of Woodland's city treasure, the State Theatre. Specifically we would like to see the State Theatre as the focus for the downtown multiplex and we support the Redevelopment Agency's ultimate decision to finance a small portion of the cost of the State Theatre multiplex project, submitted by Ron Caceres, in the form of a loan.

Woodland's downtown has not fully realized its potential as a hub of retail and social activity and focusing resources to establish the State Theatre as a destination of choice for residents is of great importance. We have not yet leveraged our historic downtown as a resource for redevelopment as have other historic towns of our size and the State Theatre multiplex project exemplifies the type of project deserving of the Redevelopment Agency's consideration and backing.
We respectefully request your support of this project.

Kind regards,

Nora Moore Jimenez
Desmond R. Jimenez, Ph.D.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Former Woodlander creates Web site to reconnect local bands with area fans

Todd Haaby performs in Bend, Oregon - his band is on and he is a former Woodland resident. Courtesy photo.

From the Woodland Record:

Celebrating local and regional musicians, is launching a first-of-it’s-kind, powerful new Web site that will allow music fans to become reacquainted with their favorite local and regional bands. Not only can artists share their music (both past and present), but the site also offers brief artist sketches of their musical history and catches up the fans on their current careers.

The one-of-a-kind website helps artists create their own web page, update bios, upload photos, and offer their music to the community.


“The whole premise is for local and regional bands to dig out great tunes from their musical closets and offer them up for their fans to enjoy,” stated Mark Chiolis, creator of and longtime Woodland resident. “We’re offering people a way to re-connect, and the chance to recreate parts of history that still have a place in their lives today.”

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teachers back plan for Woodland Poly charter high school

From the Woodland Record:

A grassroots coalition of parents and educators are more than a month ahead of schedule with plans to formally turn in a charter school petition for Woodland Polytechnic Academy, a new high school focused on pathways both to higher education and the world of work. Woodland Polytechnic Academy (Woodland Poly) founders today announced they have exceeded the number of teacher signatures needed to officially proceed with charter authorization from the Woodland Joint Unified School District. So far, the school founders have collected 30 signatures from certified teachers, while state law requires a school of this size to collect seven signatures.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Letter: Time for Woodland to live up to claims of "historic"

From the Woodland Record - Letter to the Editor:

Some may find it hard to believe that we moved to Woodland five years ago all because of a house. It’s true. We specifically wanted a vintage home in an area that focused on preserving and maintaining historical homes and buildings. We looked in many areas, but none were quite right until we stumbled upon Woodland. We saw so many amazing preserved and restored homes, we felt this was a community with a compatible mindset with us. We purchased a craftsman bungalow that captured our hearts in the historic district, and we were honored when asked to open our home for the Historic Stroll Home Tour.

During our time living here, we happily continue to see homes being improved, with some taking on a whole new attitude with simply a new paint job. It’s evident to me that there are many people in Woodland, as well as in other areas, who appreciate the benefit of protecting as much of the old architecture as possible. The State Theatre is one example of this and is an important part of this town’s history. It deserves to be saved.


Monday, August 23, 2010

And the winner is...

Video courtesy of

Letter: State Theatre is a treasure not found in Any Town USA

This letter was sent to Skip Davies and Martie Dote, city council members on the selection committee for the downtown multiplex, and copied to the Woodland Record.

Please breathe some life into downtown with the State Theater renovation project and reject the Petrovich proposal. Petrovich has bled downtown for long enough.

A new State theater will bring back to life a beautiful classic old theater that is a rarity in these times. Go inside and look at the ceiling and when your eyes adjust to the dim light you can see the beautiful original ceiling painting peeking out from behind a ill advised attempt to cover it up. It is reminiscent of a similar painting in the Opera House. This old movie house is a real treasure and should be brought back to its original grandeur. I seriously doubt that in 50 years anyone will be saying the same thing about the Petrovich theaters if they are built. Petrovich will build a typical cookie cutter multiplex that can be found in Any Town USA. The State Theater is a true treasure that is waiting to be rediscovered.

Read the rest at

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Letter: State Theatre project is a much better plan

From the Woodland Record:

Dear Mr. Davies and Ms. Dote,

Both my husband and myself support the concept of preserving the State Theatre by renovating it.

It is inherent in our current climate and social order to destroy the old and build anew. However, this attitude of ‘newer is better’ cuts to the very spirit of respect for architectural restoration, and in our town, it is far from the strong historical leanings the city has focused on, traditionally.


This letter was sent to Skip Davies and Martie Dote, city council members on the selection committee for the downtown multiplex, and copied to the Woodland Record.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tara Daniels in Regis and Kelly's firefighter cook-off on Friday!


Sound the Alarm: Tune in Friday, August 20th for the final Cook-off Showdown on LIVE!

Each week throughout the summer, a nominated Firefighter has appeared on LIVE to share their delicious recipe and compete for a $10,000 grand prize to be awarded by a panel of expert judges including BBQ master Chef Adam Perry Lang, this Friday, August 20th.

The winning Firefighter and their recipe will also appear in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

See Tara's audition recording.

Monday, August 16, 2010

WJUSD releases own summary of STAR results


Today is the first preliminary release of Woodland Joint Unified School District StateCalifornia State Tests results. Earlier this month parents received the results of their own child’s performance, and most recently, each school site has received their overall performance by grade level. The data is preliminary; information that is more detailed will follow later this month.


See the WJUSD STAR test results here.

See the Davis results here.

See the Winters results here.

See the Washington results here.

See the Esparto results here.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jr. Patriots car wash was a success

The Woodland Pioneer Jr. Patriots football and cheer squads held a car wash on Saturday at Food 4 Less to raise money for their programs. The cheerleaders worked hard out on Pioneer Avenue to attract customers for the event. You can watch this video of the girls with the cheer "Pump it up!"

Both young and old turned out to help wash and dry. Several water fights broke out during the day to help keep the kids cool. At several points the cars were lined up through the parking lot waiting their turn to help out the kids.

The football and cheer programs are already under way, practicing five days a week at Pioneer High School. The season starts in September. If you have a child interested in playing football or cheer, visit the league Web site for contact information. Thanks to the hard work of all the families and the kids and the great community support they were able to raise $580.

A special thanks to Food 4 Less for allowing the boys and girls to use their water and location for the fundraiser. They have always been very supportive of this program and the board members, parents and players say, "Thank You!" Please support Nugget and Food 4 Less with your shopping as they always support local programs.

Letter: Woodland without the State Theatre?

From the Woodland Record:

Would I want to see Woodland without the State Theatre? I consider the idea unthinkable! The State Theatre is not just a building. The State Theatre is a Woodland veteran and an historical one at that. It’s a very important part of our town. It’s demise, especially with its upcoming anniversary of 75 years of continuous operation… a possible state record for a theatre… would be a tragedy for our town, our children and all of us who remember her as she once was (and could soon be again).


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Letter opposes Third and Main multiplex: City needs to do its part for preservation – we are watching

From the Woodland Record:

"We, like many citizens, think Petrovich has had too much influence on the elected officials of Woodland."

On behalf of myself, Ronald Bell, and my wife Joanne Bell, I wish to express our strong opposition to the theater multiplex project proposed for the corner of Third and Main by the Petrovich Development Company. We would not oppose this development if there were not a better, viable alternative proposal by Ron Caceres for the restoration and expansion of the existing State Theater.

We feel that Mr. Caceres' plan would be better for the city for several reasons. The city's historic preservation efforts would be enhanced, since the State is (potentially) a fine example of a rare architectural style, it was designed by a historically significant architect, and it is one of the few continuously-operating theaters of its vintage in the state.


Note: This letter was sent to the Woodland City Council and also to the Daily Democrat.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Rock out to knock out cancer" benefit on Saturday, 10 bands to perform

Woodland Relay for Life 2010 (American Cancer Society) will host the "Rock Out to Knock Out Cancer Concert" this Saturday, August 14, at Plainfield Station, 23944 County Road 98, Woodland, from 12 to 10 pm.

100% of proceeds from this event will go to cancer research and donated to American Cancer Society's Woodland Relay for Life. There will be a 50/50 raffle, bake sale, face painting, music with Allan Lopes and the West Coast Country Band, Kiss N' Tell featuring Erika Davis, Under Pendegast, APT D203, Plan Mute, Funky Skunk Railroad, Into the Quiet, Downhill From Here, Oh The Trio, Classic Black... and a dunk tank - so you can dunk your favorite band members.

Advance tickets on sale now at Woodland Health Care Imagine Department (Station #4) and Pizza Guys in Woodland for $10 ($12 at the door). Kids twelve and under may attend free.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Downtown multiplex selection committee conducts interviews today

The city's selection committee charged with gathering and reviewing information for two proposed downtown multiplex projects will conduct interviews this afternoon. The interviews are necessary because additional information is needed from the two developers who responded to the City of Woodland Redevelopment Agency's Request for Proposals. Paul Petrovich of Sacramento submitted a proposal for Third and Main Streets, site of the historic Electric Garage building, and Ron Caceres of Woodland submitted one according to Downtown Specific Plan Project 105, the historic State Theatre Renovation and Expansion site.


Monday, August 09, 2010

Bike and knife subject photographed

From City of Woodland, Police:

The Woodland Police Department is asking anyone who may have information on the subject, pictured in this press release, to come forward and provide any details available. Please contact the police department at (530) 666-2411 or (530) 661-7800, callers can remain anonymous.

The subject in this press release is considered as a person of interest and may have witnessed the stabbing that occurred on Monday, August 2, at Pendegast and Pacific Streets.

Read the original press release at

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Tara scores high with Smokin' Pear Salad recipe

Photo from the TwitPic Community.

Woodland firefighter Tara Daniels presented her "Smokin' Pear Salad" Friday on "LIVE! with Regis and Kelly" during their "Coast to Coast Firehouse Cook Off" segment. The hosts of the show liked the recipe, as did the studio tasters who ranked it a 9.2 out of 10. Click here for the recipe.

See Tara chatting with Regis and Kelly (end of clip).

Here is the transcript from

Read it at

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"Will I see you... in September..." uh, I mean August

Remember the old school summertime tunes, in particular "Will I see you in September?" Those were the days when summer vacation began close to Memorial Day and ended after Labor Day. These days, most California public schools start in August. The Woodland Joint Unified School District starts their students a week from today, August 11.

I will make one point here, and leave the rest to comments about the extended school year or education in general: Districts up and down the state can save big money by returning to the "traditional" school year (Labor Day to Memorial Day, approximately) without sacrificing instruction. How? EdCode requires a certain amount of instructional minutes per year. By increasing instructional minutes per day, the academic year can be shortened to save money in energy, transportation, lunches, custodial and other classified services, and other resources. Increasing instructional minutes per day will also provide more instruction before students take the CST or AP exams – the result of that would be better test scores.

Let's see some comments about what was right with old school?

And "It isn't about children working on the farm" as highlighted in William Fishel's paper called "Will I See You in September?
An Economic Explanation for the Summer School Vacation."

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sammi throws first pitch in Monday's River Cats game

See the latest journal entry for Samantha Ashburn on the Caring Bridge Web site. Great strength provides a wake that a river of emotions may follow... I don't know anyone who can be stronger than Sammi.

August WR is released with updated Third and Main multiplex article

Read all about it! Click here to see the new edition of the Woodland Record. See the cover story "Third and Main multiplex plans escape RDA" that's been updated (with improved charts) since the July 19 post at The breaking news prompted a followup by the Daily Democrat the next day.

Cambridge Junior College is set to open its doors at the Porter Building on September 7. You should see page 4 if you know someone who wants to take a course in medical assisting or medical office reception.

Do you you remember The Water Trough on Main Street? Find out about it on page 6.

There is more to report on the historical significance of the 99 year-old Electric Garage building (you know, the one a Sacramento developer wants to demolish). See page 7.

The Tomato Festival is coming on August 14... read about that on page 8.

SSgt. William C. Shinn, MIA North Vietnam 1970, will be memorialized if this Eagle Scout candidate has his way. You can help make it happen... page 15.

The newspaper will be delivered to over 100 subscribers (distribution points) within the week... see page 14 to see where you can pick up your own hard copy. Email to get on the WR email subscriber list. You will get regular updates and news you won't find at

Local firefighter Tara Daniels wins!

From the City of Woodland Web site:

Thanks to an excellent recipe, a great video, supportive co-workers and an unbeatable combination of friends, family and our Woodland community, Firefighter Tara Daniels will be going to New York City to appear on the Live! With Regis and Kelly show to demonstrate her "Smokin' Pear Salad" recipe as part of the “Coast to Coast Firehouse Cook-off”. The voting was completed over the weekend and Tara’s video garnered the most votes of the four she was in competition with. Tara leaves on Wednesday, films the segment on Thursday and it will air on the Friday Live! With Regis and Kelly show. The Friday show will appear locally on KCRA at 9:00 AM.

Read more.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sci-Tech KL grand opening on Wednesday, Aug. 4

From Woodland Joint Unified School District:

The Woodland Joint Unified School District is proud to announce the grand opening of the Science and Technology Academy at Knights Landing (Sci-Tech KL) on August 4. This will be the first dependent charter school in the Woodland Joint Unified School District.

The mission of Sci-Tech KL is to inspire learning, curiosity, and problem-solving with a focus on science and technology to produce students prepared to lead and contribute in the ever-changing 21st century world. The program and curriculum have been built on four cornerstones: 1) The use of science curriculum to drive teaching and learning of all core areas, 2) The use of inquiry-based instruction to foster curiosity and develop problem solving skills, 3) The infusion of technology into the student’s everyday learning experiences, and 4) The development of strong community partnerships that connect Sci-Tech’s students to high school and college students, and adults throughout the community.