Friday, April 30, 2010

Staff recommends city council to approve renters' sign ordinance

From the City of Woodland - City Council agenda for May 4, 2010:

SUBJECT: Ordinance Prohibiting Landlords from Restricting Display of Political Signs by Tenants
DATE: May 4, 2010

Report in Brief

The proposed ordinance would amend the City’s sign ordinance to prohibit landlords from restricting the ability of tenants to display political signs. The ordinance would require any signs displayed to comply with all requirements of the City’s sign ordinance. Staff recommends that the City Council approve and enact Ordinance No. ___ to prohibit landlords from restricting the ability of tenants to display political signs.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Harris blasts city council for ignoring renters' rights, notifies media

From the Woodland Record – letter to the editor:

The following is a letter sent to News10, Sacramento:

News Desk, Channel 10:

I request your help with informing residents living as tenants in Woodland that its City Council has recently denied them ability to fully participate in its impending election through their display of political signage.

This timely subject of outrageous city council corruption, involves its intentionally tardy provision of an ordinance protecting free speech rights of local tenants.

These city council members simply don’t recognize any sense of political urgency about unreasonably obstructed and long-overlooked, basic civil rights.

My name is Bobby Harris. I’m one of three candidates for two seats on Woodland City Council at the June 8 election, the only non-incumbent and the only candidate endorsed by the Yolo County Democratic Party Central Committee.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ralph Gay was known by 4-Hers, farmers and softball players

RALPH CHARLES GAY, 83, died suddenly on Wednesday, April 21, 2010, at his Woodland residence. He was born in Modesto, California, on January 23, 1927, to Ralph Ka'i'ini and Helen Wisniski Gay. He grew up in Oakland, California, where he graduated from Castlemont High School in 1945 as the student body president. He also played basketball for his high school team and was a play ground director.

Later in 1945 Ralph became a Seaman First Class, for the U.S. Naval Service at the end of World War II, serving at NTC San Diego, on U.S.S. Logan (APA 196), and at NTS Wright Junior College in Chicago, Illinois. He was honorably discharged in 1946 with the Victory Medal. Upon his return to California he attended UC Berkeley and then UC Davis studying Agricultural Education.

On June 20, 1948, Ralph married Lois Patricia "Patti" Goulet, his wife of almost 62 years, and soon began his family of six children.


Revised FEMA flood maps take effect in June

Gray area depicts special flood zone hazard areas subject to inundation by the 1% annual chance flood. This detail of a FEMA map shows the City of Woodland wastewater ponds in the middle. The proposed Gateway II annexation is to the left of the upper ponds. Click here for the full FEMA map of this area.

From Yolo County, Public Information:

On December 19, 2008, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issued new preliminary flood zone maps. The revised maps, which will take effect on June 18, 2010, have significantly expanded the area of high-risk flood zones within Yolo County.

Some property owners face new flood insurance requirements, and those seeking to build or to substantially add to existing buildings in high-risk flood zones may face new permitting and construction requirements. Design requirements may also have changed based on the newly proposed flood zones for those planning new construction or improvements to a home or business in a high-risk flood zone.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Gateway I should tell us something about Gateway II

From the Yolo Sun opinion piece "Draft EIR For Petrovich’s Gateway 2 Proposal Is Now In Process – Public Comment Ends: May 24:"

Despite adverse economic conditions and its stalled build-out, Gateway Shopping Center’s adjacent "big brother" Gateway 2 Project has on April 8 begun its Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) period of public comment. This public comment period will last only 45 days, until May 24.

This new Gateway 2 Project is three times the size of the Gateway Shopping Center, at 154 acres, and intended to include: several hotels and restaurants, three big-box stores with their usual entourage of smaller retail outlets, an auto mall, movie theaters [sic], and 800,000 square feet of office space.

“The purpose of the Draft EIR,” states its official notice, “is to provide the public and City of Woodland decision makers with information about the effects which the proposed project is likely to have on the environment, to list ways in which the significant effects of the project might be minimized, and to indicate alternatives to the project.”

The development agreement for Gateway Shopping Center [Gateway Phase I], negotiated by the city council, was obviously a real sweet-heart deal for Paul Petrovich – regarding an essential mitigation measure connected to its officially determined “effects” of continuing Woodland’s historical retail sprawl (referred to as “urban decay” within planners’ jargon).

Petrovich was given six and a half years by the city council to produce compensatory benefit within Woodland’s downtown: His totally discretionary development of anything whatsoever – assessed at $3 million – or else he would default and pay the city about a million dollars.

Read the rest at

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Take action on Earth Day


• Make children to habituate that planting trees will save our earth. Educate the people to use solar power.
• Recycle, I won't waste, and try to be as efficient as possible
• We will shop at the local farmers market, using our own bags, and eat as many locally sourced meals as possible for the entire year.
• Ride a bike
• I reduced the electricity usage in general life

I remember taking Ecology at Lee School in 1973 (when Lee was only for all seventh graders in town). We learned the basic principles of conservation and renewable resources. It is sad that 37 years later this town has a problem understanding land conservation. I'm speaking specifically about the Gateway II application to annex 154 acres in a reserved area. Gateway I is a classic example of urban sprawl with no LEED buildings, no mixed use and no significant green spaces - we should learn from that mistake and make better land use decisions in the future.

I applaud the efforts of the Woodland Tree Foundation. That group, led by David Wilkinson and Ken Trott, has helped bring back trees to the City of Trees. I applaud the folks who have organized the new farmers market held at Freeman Park.

For Woodland on Earth Day:

• No more sprawl, promote mixed use and green spaces
• Less focus on roads, more on the human element
• Plant more trees – more gardens not more concrete or asphalt
• Promote the use of bicycles and alternative vehicles, make this place pedestrian-friendly

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sheriff's investigation refutes allegations brought up by Reynoso's group

From Yolo County, Sheriff:

In February 2010, several local media outlets reported on the activities of a non-governmental group known as “Independent Civil Rights Commission” [led by former justice Cruz Reynoso], which held hearings in Woodland regarding allegations of improper conduct during the service of a search warrant.

Santiago Ochoa, Griselda Rodriquez, and their daughter spoke to the group, making several allegations of misconduct by Sheriff’s Department personnel, regarding a search warrant that was served at their residence eight months prior, in June of 2009.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reynoso's spurious hearings are running dry

From the Yolo Judicial Watch article "One witness deported and another fled to Mexico after Gutierrez shooting:"

While a second round of hearings occurred on Sunday, without the committee receiving additional documents, Justice Cruz Reynoso indicated that this might be all they can do for some time. As it was, two of the witnesses were reportedly too frightened to come forward and instead their testimony was read into the record Sunday afternoon in Woodland. A third witness who apparently is the only witness to actually see the shooting has refused to come forward.

Read the rest at

Davis PD get help for Picnic Day fights from WPD, WSPD and Sheriff's Dept.

From City of Davis - Police:

City of Davis Police Department resources were stretched thin during the UC Davis Picnic Day weekend when huge crowds packed the downtown area and local bars. The City of Davis Police requested assistance from the Woodland Police Department, West Sacramento Police Department, the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, and the California Highway Patrol, all of which provided officers to assist with crowd control and responding to dozens of reported physical fights and other disturbances.

Officers made 33 arrests and responded to 516 calls for service. For comparison, the number of arrests made during previous Picnic Day weekends averages 15 and during a typical weekend in Davis officers respond to about 100 calls for service.


Celebrate the Ten Year Anniversary of Gearhead Records tonight

Come and celebrate the Ten Year Anniversary of Gearhead Records (the record label) tonight - Tuesday April 20, 5 to 8 pm at the store, 39 Fifth Street, Suite C, Woodland.

Music will start at 6 pm with Hellbound Glory, followed at 7 pm by punk legend Exene Cervenka!

We'll have food provided by local seasonal restaraunt Monticello Bistro/Tastebuds Catering, featuring fresh prodcue and meats grown right here in Yolo County!

This is a free all ages alcohol-free event. Bring your X records for Exene to sign, and come celebrate ten years of independent rock n' roll! If you need more information, call Michelle at (530) 662-7877.

Check out

Monday, April 19, 2010


134th Anniversary Sacramento Valley
Scottish Games & Festival
Yolo County Fairgrounds, Woodland
April 24 and 25
Doors open at 9 am

Click here to go to the games Web site.

Saturday Night Ceilidh – dinner and entertainment start at 5:30 pm in the Crown & Thistle Pub and White Heather Stage area. Add to your adventure by planning to go to our Ceildh

They are having a shortbread contest this year (click on the link above for details). There will be three places awarded in the "traditional" category and one each in "nontraditional" and "junior baker." Prizes include an engraved serving platter, ribbons and very generous gift certificates donated by Safeway and Vic's Ice Cream.

Image: The Wicked Tinkers is one of the many outstanding bands performing over the weekend.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pioneer High creates video to motivate students

Cliff De Graw and Geoffrey Barney, Pioneer High School vice principals, and students collaborated to produce this music video, "Imma Be Rockin' That CST" (a parody of a Black Eyed Peas song) to help motivate students for their CST tests. The California Standards Test (CST) is a grueling week-long test that takes several hours each day to complete, with no immediate results or gratification for the students.

I thought this video was a great way for school employees to think outside of the box to help motivate students. Great job Cliff, Geoffrey and the students who helped, we need more people like you!

Friday, April 16, 2010

WPPEA only endorses Marble

We confirmed today with Woodland Professional Police Employees Association president Ted Ruiz, that they have only endorsed Bill Marble for city council this year.

"All Shook Up!" opens tonight at WOH with wine tasting

"All Shook Up!" featuring the music of Elvis Presley opens tonight, April 16, and runs to May 9 (Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30, Sundays at 2 and Saturday May 1 at 2).

The opening night reception (tonight, April 16) includes complimentary wine-tasting, 6:30 to 7:30 in the mid-level lounge.

"All Shook Up" tells the story of a small town girl with big dreams and the motorcycle-riding stud she falls for. Librettist Joe DiPietro's exuberant jukebox musical shoehorns the songs of Elvis Presley into a narrative that's part camp, part romantic farce. The loopy tale of mismatched lovers in a Midwest burg incorporates classics that range from sweet romantic ballads such as "Love Me Tender" to the rollicking "Jail House Rock" and the hip-swiveling title song, "All Shook Up".

Purchase tickets here or at the Woodland Opera House theatre box office, 340 Second Street.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bobby Harris endorsed by Yolo Dems for Woodland City Council, Part 2

Bobby Harris, candidate for Woodland City Council interviews with the Endorsement and Candidate Development Committee of the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee. See, the Web site for the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee.

From the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee candidate questionnaire:

"Another reason to modify current city policy is the badly flawed funding allocation language inherent in Measure E. What began as 45% of funds for roads is fast becoming 70% (- while the community library is threatened with closure -)."

"A third reason is that, absent passage of the new sales tax measure (that may well be a very close contest) -- likely the only vehicle available for preserving library services will be to employ this strategy and action. The two Republican incumbents would likely not agree to such bold action." Bobby Harris

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

K through 6 grade open enrollment runs April 19 to 30

From Woodland Joint Unified School District:

The Intra-District Open Enrollment period for incoming kindergarten through sixth grade students currently attending, or planning to attend, school in the Woodland Joint Unified School District for the 2010-2011 school year is between April 19 and April 30.

Applications may be picked up during that period at any elementary school office or the district Student Enrollment Center. All completed applications must be returned to the Student Enrollment Center (located inside the district office, 435 Sixth Street) between April 19 and April 30. All applications must be received by 4 pm on April 30, 2010.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sneak peek at April Woodland Record

The April 2010 edition of the Woodland Record newspaper will be hitting the racks this week.

Daily Democrat, City of Woodland begin propaganda for Petrovich's 154 acre annexation

From the Daily Democrat:

Despite some criticisms from the community stating that big box stores such as Target, Best Buy and Costco contribute to urban decay and the closure of small businesses, Petrovich claims that the Gateway Center's presence has had absolutely no impact on Woodland's downtown vendors.

Read the story while its available.

From the City of Woodland, Gateway Phase II Draft EIR Executive Summary:

The Urban Decay chapter concluded that impacts related to the following issues would be less- than-significant: the physical deterioration and urban decay of retail centers in Gibson Plaza and Woodland Gateway Phase I; and the physical deterioration and urban decay of retail centers in Davis. The urban decay analysis is based on reports prepared y Economic Planning Services. Impacts related to the following issues were found to be significant and unavoidable: the physical deterioration and urban decay of retail centers in Downtown Woodland, East of Downtown, and East of I-5; and the physical deterioration and urban decay of retail centers in County Fair Mail, West Woodland, and East Street Corridor.

View the Gateway Phase II Draft EIR.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yolo County seeks grand juror candidates

From Superior Court, Yolo County:

Yolo Superior Court is now accepting applications for the 2010/2011 Yolo County Grand Jury. Each July 1 the Yolo Superior Court impanels 19 grand jurors who serve as an arm of the judicial system, but act as an entirely independent body.

The primary civil function of the grand jury is to review the operations of city and county government as well as other tax supported agencies and special districts. Based on these assessments, the grand jury publishes its findings and may recommend constructive action to improve the quality and effectiveness of local government.


Friday, April 09, 2010

Bill Marble's ballot statement for city council election


William L. "Bill" Marble
Age: 57
Occupation: Family Dentist

I grew up in Yolo County, raised my family in Woodland, and am firmly committed to our city.

It is a privilege to serve you as a Councilmember. Since being elected I’ve advocated strongly for public safety, fiscal responsibility, economic development and improved infrastructure. Our community knows me as a leader of integrity, compassion, sound judgment, and professionalism. I feel honored that every Woodland Councilmember and Yolo Supervisor has endorsed me.

Read the rest at his campaign site

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Skip Davies' ballot statement for city council election


Marlin H. “Skip” Davies
Occupation – School Administrator, Retired

My decision to seek reelection to the City Council was based on my desire to effectively participate in decisions that will determine the future direction of our city. The City must continue to progress both efficiently and effectively during these challenging economic times. I will do my best to ensure that progress.

Read the rest at his campaign Web site.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Council credibility and common sense

Measure E escapes leaders in budget meeting

From the Yolo Sun opinion piece "City council credibility and common sense:"

With an ill-conceived focus on preserving its “credibility,” in the words of mayor Skip Davies, as well as injuriously misallocating municipal resources – the Woodland City Council is imprudently squandering both.

The city council employs a peculiarly flawed practice of perceiving public interest and priorities relevant to ongoing budget turmoil – describable as knee-jerk allegiance to a simple-minded, politically clumsy and fiscally disastrous civic delusion – that about 70% of Measure E revenue ($30.2 million, precisely) must necessarily be allocated to road improvements.

City council members seem to believe that grossly misleading the public is somehow in its best interest, although honesty, competence and transparency always are the genuine imperatives for generating political credibility.


Bobby Harris endorsed by Yolo Dems for Woodland City Council, Part 1

Bobby Harris, candidate for Woodland City Council interviews with the Endorsement and Candidate Development Committee of the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee. See, the Web site for the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee.

From the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee candidate questionnaire:

"There exists deep and profound public distrust, confusion and lethargy regarding municipal government in Woodland. Healing / repairing / evolving / mitigating these political problems and misunderstandings will be a formidable task, but it is essential if good politics and civic progress are to prevail. I’m devoted to this purpose." Bobby Harris

Sunday, April 04, 2010

"Let's take our city, state, and federal government back"

First meeting of the Woodland 9.12 Project is Saturday, April 10 at 5 pm. For details contact Rita at 668-4667 or

From the 9.12 Project mission statement:

This is a non-political movement. The 9-12 Project is designed to bring us all back to the place we were on September 12, 2001. The day after America was attacked we were not obsessed with Red States, Blue States or political parties. We were united as Americans, standing together to protect the greatest nation ever created.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

City's new pedesphere water tank nears completion

Rendering provided by the City of Woodland contractor.

The City of Woodland's new pedesphere water tank has a coat of white paint and will soon be decorated with a version of the city's flag.

In January the city conducted a survey asking visitors to their Web site to rank seven conceptual ideas that could possibly become a graphic design applied to the tank. Of those presented, Option Two was favored by poll-takers and work began to convert that rough black and white design into a design that more closely resembled the city's flag.


Friday, April 02, 2010

First Friday event: See some art at Roots Salon

Anna Morales said," Although the Concept Birth Gallery is no more, that doesn't mean there's no more art on the block. Come and check out all the beautiful things Roots Salon and Gallery has to offer."

Featured artists at Roots Salon are Manuel Archuleta, Goran the Robot and Aquarius Laser. The First Friday reception is 6 to 9 pm at 520 Main Street, Woodland.

First Friday event: 'Tree Stories Chapter II' opens at Blue Wing Gallery

'Winter Tree' by Butch White and 'Tree House' by Steve Cook. Courtesy photos.

In celebration of Arbor Day, four very talented artists have joined forces to create an inspiring exhibit dedicated solely to trees.

"Tree Stories Chapter II" opens April 2nd at the Blue Wing Gallery, 405 Main Street Woodland. The opening reception is from 6 to 9 pm and is part of Woodland's First Friday Art Walk.

As a point of interest, the first Arbor Day celebration took place on April 10, 1872 in Nebraska and was an immediate success as more than one million trees were planted. Julius Sterling Morton was the founder of Arbor Day and to honor him Nebraska made it an annual legal holiday in 1885, using April 22 to coincide with his birthday. In 1970, President Richard Nixon proclaimed the last Friday in April as National Arbor Day.


Thursday, April 01, 2010

City desires even more consultants; RFP for Dead Cat Alley archaeologists released

From Schauers Communications for the City of Woodland:

The purpose of the Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from qualified consulting firms to provide archeological services relating to a recent discovery of significant Chinese artifacts in Dead Cat Alley, Woodland. The City of Woodland Historical Preservation Commission intends to execute a Master Contract with several consultants on a retainer basis.

Section 1.1 Summary of Need

In anticipation of a proposed downtown super-multiplex and mega-parking structure located on a three block area bounded by Main, Third, Court and Sixth Streets (including Freeman Park), and as a result of a recent archeological discovery by former City Councilman Neal Peart within this area at Dead Cat Alley, the City of Woodland desires a team of archaeologists to collect, catalog and analyze additional cultural artifacts presumed to be located there.

Section 1.2 Background

Since 1958 the City of Woodland has been planning a downtown garage as part of a proposed Freeman Park Theatre and Cinema Complex. Additionally, the State of California has made plans for a Government Center to include a combined Courthouse, DMV, Reentry Facility to be located in the downtown. Before these important projects can be developed, it is mandated by Municipal Ordinance No. 986, § 2 that a cultural resources inventory be conducted prior to any construction. On February 14, 2010, while the Honorable Neil Peart was investigating an unrelated matter, porcelain shards were unearthed in a secluded, dark area in Dead Cat Alley between Fifth Street and Freeman Park.

Preliminary digging at the location has revealed many domestic items and bones. It is possible that a permanent Chinese-American History / Volunteer Firefighters Museum be included in the seven-story parking parking structure that will be adjacent to the 24- screen cineplex that will, in turn, be connected to the Government Center via catacombs under Main Street. A catwalk will connect the theatre to the proposed Rite Aid Drug Store / Railroad Terminal to be sited across Sixth Street. A high-speed commuter train will connect the City of Woodland to the People of Davis and will include a stop at the Woodland Joint Unified School District Administration Building.

Section 2.1 Selection Criteria

The Selection Committee will evaluate all proposals and make one or more awards made using the following criteria:

• Experience in archeological investigations in California
• Qualifications of firm, including Principal Investigator and other employees
• Ability to raise funds, or contribute funds, to select City Council campaigns

Section 2.2 Recommendation of the Selection Committee

The final ranking and recommendation(s) of the Selection Committee shall be presented to the City of Woodland Historical Preservation Commission and one (1) favored developer for consideration. This recommendation may include, but is not limited to, the name of one or more consultants who demonstrate the ability to decipher current planning policies, development requirements and sign regulations.

Addendum: Another requirement of the successful bidders is the knowledge of written Cantonese. An example of translations to be made include this scripture found on the bottom the domestic vessel that was unearthed at the recently discovered archaeological site:


Please see document attachment for detailed specifications.

Responses to this RFP should be submitted so they are are received by 5:00 pm, 4/1/10, at: Dead Cat Alley Dig, c/o Dr. April Schauers, Ph.D., Schauers Communications, 2490 Hilborn Road, Fairfield CA 94534, (707) 399-5009.