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The new Green Tea Party: Reports from independents

Photo by Woodlander Cal De Knikker taken today (Saturday, February 27) at the First Anniversary of the Tea Party Patriots in Sacramento.

From "Local lawyer emerges as face of Tea Party movement" at The Union:

One year and one day ago, Mark Meckler was known locally mostly for creating Cafe Mekka, the popular Nevada City hangout he opened in 1993 and ran for five years with his wife, Patty.

Then Meckler attended a hastily organized “Tea Party” on the steps of the Capitol in Sacramento — and catapulted himself onto the national political stage.

Since then, Meckler has crisscrossed the country as one of the co-founders of the Tea Party Patriots.

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Excerpts from "Green Party reaches out to Tea Party activists" at the Independent Political Report:

Green Party leaders and candidates said that many Tea Party activists might be in the wrong party and urged them to consider going Green.

Greens, like true fiscal conservatives, oppose subsidies for health insurance companies in the Democratic plans, including proposed ‘mandates’ that would require enrollment. The Green Party has warned that, whether Obamacare is enacted or Republicans succeed in blocking reform, the real winners will be the health insurance, pharmaceutical, and other industry lobbies.

About IPR: The Independent Political Report is dedicated to covering America’s third parties and independent candidates, and providing a forum for the intelligent discussion thereof.

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Gang and racial slurs turn into last call melee at Tony's bar, 50 to 60 involved

From the City of Woodland, Police:

On February 27 at approximately 2 am, a Woodland Police Sergeant on-viewed a large fight involving approximately 50 to 60 patrons in the parking lot of Tony's Bar, 607 East Street. Due to the size of the melee other officers from the Woodland Police Department, two Woodland Police K-9 units, and a contingent of deputies from the Yolo County Sheriff's Department responded to quell the disturbance.

The fight involved two groups who were shouting gang and racial slurs at each other to instigate further assaults. There was one report of a tire iron being used to batter one victim. Bottles were being thrown and plants on the patio were being overturned.


Sacramento Tea Party capitol event today at noon

There will be a Sacramento Tea Party event at the north, west and south steps of the capitol at noon today.

SacBee article about alleged deputy misconduct stirs over 200 comments

From the Sacramento Bee report "Sheriff's probe: Did Yolo deputies put a gun to a child's head?"

Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto said Tuesday he has launched an investigation into claims by a Dunnigan couple that a deputy stuck a gun to the head of their 9-year-old daughter as officers executed a search warrant in June.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Pimentel's claim of 12 year plan for Third Street theater discredited again

On February 1, 2010, the Daily Democrat reported that: Councilman and Vice Mayor Art Pimentel said a theater at the Third and Main site was in the Downtown Specific Plan since the plan's inception 12 years ago. He was quoted, "What frustrates me a little bit is we have had this plan developed already... Now for whatever reason all of a sudden you have some objections to what we have said for the last 12 years."

The current Downtown Specific Plan was adopted in March, 2003. That is when the idea for two different downtown theater locations was presented. Not 12 years ago. The document is an update of the downtown plan that was adopted in 1993 when a possible Third and Main cinema was not even on the radar. The Third and Main theater complex (and parking garage) idea was a scheme devised by the former city manager Richard Kirkwood in speculation of the new Woodland Courthouse locating near Third and Main, a block north at Third and Court.

The City of Woodland Downtown Specific Plan adopted in August, 1993, is possibly the "plan" to which Pimentel referred when he suggested that the Third Street theater project is at least 12 years old. In that plan, there is no mention of a proposed theater at that site – the Hoblit auto dealer site. In fact, under Actions, page 25, item 8 states: "Take all appropriate actions to retain the existing downtown theaters." On page 12, the document reads: "Area B is intended to contain all retail, dining, and entertainment use within the Downtown Area," which is the Main Street corridor that extends from Walnut to East Street as mapped in the plan. The State Theatre is within Area B, and has been there since 1937.

So if the merits of a downtown theater are based on how old a plan is, then the city should "take all appropriate actions to retain the existing downtown theaters" according to the logic of Pimentel.

Western Lights play Woodland Opera House Saturday

From the Woodland Opera House:

Western Lights Band is a group of close-knit friends from the Sacramento area that enjoy playing bluegrass and related acoustic music together. They began this musical journey about ten years ago, when they would gather to jam with other pickers at the Fifth String Music Store in Sacramento. From there, they began to meet for regular jam sessions in Bill Ward's living room and eventually evolved into the fine band they are today.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Davis Vanguard opines on proceedings of Reynoso's unofficial panel

Two cases receive attention: Gutierrez Navarro death and Ochoa search

Witnesses testify on Gutierrez case; allege gestapo tactics by Gang Task Force officers
Sunday, February 21, 2010

Former Supreme Court Justice Cruz Reynoso is chairing a thirteen person commission on civil rights to look into the 2009 shooting of Luis Gutierrez. Saturday marked the first public meeting of that commission where they took testimony from four witnesses to Gutierrez's mannerisms and activities of the day, the shooting itself, and the tactics of the officers. In day one of testimony taken by the Yolo County Independent Civil Rights Commission a number of witnesses were called to testify. Some of these were direct witnesses to facets of the events of the day that Luis Gutierrez was shot by three Yolo County Sheriff's Deputies working for the Yolo County Gang Task Force.

More questions about official Gutierrez report as weekend testimony wraps up
Monday, February 22, 2010

The final portion of [Private Investigator Frank Roman's] testimony focused on the witness Rudulfo Flores. Here was the official account:

On June 1, 2009, Yolo Sheriff’s Office Deputy J. Lazaro contacted Flores at Woodland Memorial Hospital. At that time, Flores was in the custody of the Yolo County Sheriff. Flores told Lazaro the person who died was known as “Indian Gutierrez” because he was a good knife thrower. According to Flores, the deputy was lucky not to get killed because Gutierrez, who is a Sureño gang member, is a dangerous person and had said he would not let the cops take him.

On June 2, Woodland Police Department Detective Ron Cordova reinterviewed Flores. Flores advised he knew Gutierrez (Navarro) as a Sureño because since he (Flores) associates with Sureños. Gutierrez always carried a knife and was good with it. Gutierrez’s nickname was “Indio” because he was good with a knife. Flores knew Gutierrez used controlled substances and was considered dangerous.

Sheriff Prieto promises "full and complete investigation" of complaints about a gun put to 9 year-old's head
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Vanguard on Sunday morning was the first to report on nine-year-old [name withheld] who is now suffering from what appears to be post traumatic stress disorder stemming from treatment she received by Sheriff's Deputies last June, the same team from the gang task force led by Sgt. Dale Johnson and including Deputies Bautista and Ovieda that had a little over a month before [he] shot and killed Luis Gutierrez.

More evidence emerges to substantiate charges against sheriff's deputies
Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The ER report shows that Santiago Ochoa took his daughter into the emergency room on the evening of June 25, 2009. That is two weeks after police had raided their home on June 11. Mr. Ochoa confirmed with the Vanguard that this was the same day he brought his daughter to the Sheriff's department where they made an oral complaint and requested assistance for his daughter.

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Random things in Woodland

Here are some random things you might see while walking around Woodland.

Pimentel on the 1/4 cent sales tax increase

Drive-by witness claims Sureño Gutierrez Navarro punched officers, didn't see knife

From the KCRA report "Witness: Yolo farmworker wasn't armed,"

An eyewitness to the fatal officer-involved shooting of a farmworker said she doesn't think the killing was justified and didn't see a weapon in the suspect's hand.

The woman, who preferred not to be identified, spoke out to KCRA 3 on the day an independent commissioned opened hearings into the shooting of Luis Gutierrez. He was shot and killed by a Yolo County deputy in Woodland last April.

See the video at

From the Daily Democrat report "Commission witness: Gutierrez fought with deputies:"

A witness gave a first-hand account on Saturday about the officer-involved shooting death of a man last year that was not in the official report written by the Yolo County District Attorney's Office.

Vieana Navarro told the Independent Civil Rights Commission she was driving on East Gum Avenue as Yolo County Gang Task Force members were fighting with Luis Gutierrez on April 30, 2009. Navarro said she saw Gutierrez punch "one of the Mexican" members in the face before Gutierrez ran by her van with GTF members pursuing him.

Read the article at

See the Yolo County Statement of Probable Cause for the death of Luis Gutierrez Navarro.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Council and trustees to discuss future of city library on Feb. 23

Subject: Woodland Public Library Planning – Joint Study Session of Woodland City Council and City of Woodland Library Board of Trustees
Date: February 23, 2010
To: The honorable mayor and city council

Report in Brief

The Woodland Library Board of Trustees is sensitive to the current economic climate and the continuing shortfalls in revenues based on lower than anticipated sales and property tax. During the last budget cycle, the Woodland Public Library reduced its budget by 18.5%, reduced permanent employees by 27% (from 11 to 8—none from retirement incentives), reduced operational hours by 26% from 54 to 40 hours per week (31% when furloughs are factored), and eliminated non-core services and activities including closing the community meeting room, discontinuing adult programming, and drastically reducing children’s programming and reference service. Additional retirements resulting from the City’s offering of Golden Handshakes has further reduced the permanent staff to six—a cumulative 45% reduction in one calendar year.


Public meeting and invitation to comment on proposed New Woodland Courthouse

From the California Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC):

What: A public meeting hosted by the state of California’s Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) will present information about the new Woodland courthouse proposed for the city block bounded by Main Street, 5th Street, Lincoln Avenue, and 6th Street.

This meeting is a necessary step in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process. At the meeting, the public and other interested parties will have an opportunity to review and comment on the AOC’s Mitigated Negative Declaration, which concludes that, with the AOC’s proposed mitigation measures, the proposed Woodland courthouse project will have no significant environmental effect.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Council discusses sales tax in special meeting

First in a series of videos about council's sales tax measure

On February 9, City of Woodland staff spoke to council members during a special meeting about the different options available to balance the city's budget through increased taxes. They reviewed three options other than sales tax, all which staff did not recommend. The other options included the redirection of Measure E funds, a user tax and transit occupancy tax.

Each council member shared their views and eventually they all voted unanimously to have a quarter cent sales tax measure added to the June ballot. Watch the first video in a series to hear what Skip Davies had to say.

Yolo Sun: Dems quick to pull trigger for sales tax hike, chamber considers it as projected deficit grows

Excerpts from the Yolo Sun article "June ballot measure on Woodland sales tax becomes immediate topic for local groups; city’s fiscal condition worsens:"

Only about an hour had elapsed — since Woodland City Council unanimously acted on February 9, to place a measure on the June ballot for quarter-cent increase in municipal sales tax — when the Woodland Area Democratic (Party) Club unanimously voted to make voter adoption of this measure its political “priority.”

The Business Issues Committee of the Woodland Chamber of Commerce met on February 16 and considered the proposed tax increase, after listening to a detailed presentation on this subject by Woodland City Manager Mark Deven.

After hearing from Deven and the council members, the Business Issues Committee decided to form a new “task force” (related to, but distinct from its current: city budget task force) to carefully examine and evaluate this newly proposed, four-year hike in local sales tax.

Deven revealed during this committee meeting that recently updated municipal revenue forecasts have now raised the expected (2010-11) budget deficit for Woodland — to about $4.3 million.

This figure is up another $1 million or so, from Deven’s staff report to city council of last week.

Read the entire report at

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pioneer boys basketball to playoffs

Here is a great story by Annie Jenkins posted on

Read it here!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CASA: An advocate a day is all they ask

30 day volunteer recruitment underway

From the Woodland Record newspaper, February 1 edition
By the Yolo County CASA

YOLO COUNTY CASA is launching its “30 in 30” Advocate Recruitment Campaign, a seemingly ambitious quest to enroll 30 new advocates within the next 30 days, with an orientation and kick-off campaign in the CASA conference room located at 724 Main Street, Suite 101, Woodland. The community is invited to join us for refreshments and an informational session to learn more about how to make a difference in the life of a child.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wolk fined $400 for gift reporting violation

From the California Fair Political Practices Commission:

California law imposes annual gift limits and requires that gifts received from reportable sources must be disclosed on a Statement of Economic Interests. The following failed to disclose a reportable gift:

Senator Lois Wolk failed to disclose on her 2008 annual Statement of Economic Interests a gift of a hotel accommodation valued at $151.51 from the Consumer Attorneys of California and a gift of a hotel accommodation valued at $151.51 from the Northern California Regional Council Small Contributor Committee. $400 fine.

Read the entire press release at

8 Pioneer High School students arrested, participants in criminal street gang

From City of Woodland, Police:

On Tuesday, February 16, Woodland School Resource Officers arrested eight Pioneer High School students. The arrests stem from an on going investigation that began on February 4, when a large physical disturbance erupted at Pioneer High School.


Zamora 4-H Club turns 80! Zamorgy Feed celebration set for Feb. 28

From the Woodland Record newspaper, February 1 edition
By Julie Mast

THE ZAMORA 4-H Club is one of the oldest clubs in California, and will be celebrating their 80th Anniversary of its Charter in 2010. The club was started in 1930 by a group of parents from the Zamora area. Over the years hundreds of youth from the area have been members of Zamora 4-H.


Courtesy photo: Dawn Croll in her 4-H uniform.

Your local club to host Olympic Curling Open House

Come join Wine Country Curling in celebrating Vancouver Winter Olympics by learning the “coolest sport on ice.” Wine Country Curling will be presenting a Learn To Curl night at the Vacaville Ice Sports Center on Saturday, February 20 and 27, from 6 to 9 pm.

Vacaville Ice Sports Center is located at 551 Davis Street, Vacaville, next to the Brenden Theater complex – (707) 455-0225.
Curling equipment will be provided and it is recommended that loose, warm clothing and rubber soled athletic shoes be worn. Instructors are US Curling Certified. There will be no charge for curlers.

Inquiry can be made by calling Jerome Larson (707) 374-3920 or email at

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Harbinger of spring: Zamora sheep dog trials

Jennifer Ewers and Sly prepare to start off the first round of sheep dog trials on Saturday at the Slaven Ranch in Zamora.

Jennifer gives Sly whistle commands to bring down the small flock of five sheep through the timed course. Sly is at the top of the hill.

See more photos by Cal De Knikker at

See also the story "Herding sheep turns into test for dogs" by Anna Tong:

Among hills reminiscent of the English countryside, the Slaven family has raised sheep in rural Yolo County for four generations.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Local paper paints picture of survey-turned-election

Hopefully the C.O.W. will be attentive to criticism culled from their water tank survey and create a more innovative design than what was presented as options. The local daily paper has interpreted the survey as an election in which a likeness of the one with the most "votes" will be applied. The city's pitch was a survey... not an election. We'll see what the city has to say very soon.

From the Dilly Dallycrat article "City: No. 2 tank design wins vote:"

A tree and "Woodland" will be emblazoned bold and black above the city on the newest raised water tower.

The city conducted an online survey to poll residents on which design they liked the best and option two came in first. The finished product may not look exactly like the winning design on the survey because the city is also looking at the different comments submitted with the survey. More than 800 people logged on to contribute to the water tank design discussion.

Read the short article.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pick 3. Spend 50. Save your local economy.

Last night during the February meeting of the Historic Woodland Downtown Business Association, Robb Wallace of RDM Audio Visual Rentals presented the "the 3/50 project," a nationwide movement based on the premise of "save your local economy... three stores at a time." There are many downtown groups who support this effort founded by Cinda Baxter.

Basically, the program works like this:

3. Pick three local businesses you would miss if they were gone and make it a point to visit them regularly.

50. According to Baxter, if half of Americans spent $50 each month at a local business, it would generate more than $42.6 billion in revenue.

68. Also according to Baxter, for every $100 spent on local businesses, $68 stays locally... but only $43 stays locally if you spent that $100 at a chain store.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Online city budget survey closes Feb. 15

From Kim Floyd Communications:

The City of Woodland is reminding residents of a Friday, February 15 deadline to participate in an online survey about quality of life and budget issues. Nearly 500 responses have been logged since the survey debuted in early January. The survey asks residents to prioritize City services, evaluate options for reducing costs and increasing revenues, and provide other input to the City Manager and City Council. The survey is available at


Our new winner?

This doesn't quite meet the criteria of "moderate painting," but this is the kind of idea the C.O.W. should have been entertaining from the get-go. No word yet on the clip art/stationary options provided in the city's survey of water tank designs.

This concept was submitted by a regular WJ contributor. I'm told the unfinished portion on the bottom could be paintings of trees to blend in with the surrounding skyline.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our new hero?

For full screen action click here.

Council approves quarter penny tax measure on ballot

Deven: No

Dote: Yes
Monroe: Yes
Pimentel: Yes
Davies: Yes
Marble: Yes

Voters: ?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

City council failed to act on Feb. 2, special meeting tonight on possible tax measure

Excerpts from the Yolo Sun article "Woodland council fails to act on tax measure: Special meeting to be convened on February 9:"

Woodland City Council has failed to act upon its February 2, regular-meeting agenda item involving placement of a measure on the June ballot, which if approved would increase local sales tax a quarter-cent or half-cent, for four years, to partially mitigate impacts of city revenues continuing to spiral downward, drowning municipal coffers in red ink.

Adjustments within the current (2009-10) fiscal year are now projected to require a $2.12 million budget reduction.

The city manager’s proposal component addressing current budget shortfalls through staff layoffs in the area of public safety (police records clerks and fire-protection training specialist) were unanimously rejected by the council, while it approved his various other components for adjusting the current budget.

On January 19, city council instructed city staff to swiftly develop a proposal for such a sales tax measure — with the mayor publicly noting that he had been gently prodding the city manager for several months on this topic, because it is a clearly available avenue for diminishing obviously impending and serious losses of municipal services (likely including public-safety staff).

By February 2, though, the council had just plain lost its political nerve.

All council members were — significantly cooled — regarding the prospect of following through by approving this measure for the June ballot.

And suddenly – startlingly — they have begun to consider a likely bogus and politically inferior alternative — involving Measure E funding — apparently promoted by the mayor.

Read the entire article at

Monday, February 08, 2010

More details surface in DSP Project 105, the State Theatre expansion

Excerpts from the article published at the Woodland Record:

In a February 4 letter that was copied to all Woodland City Council members, Petrovich development officer Robert Millsap stated, "...everyone is missing a key component to the equation. The entry plaza of this theater [at Third and Main] must be in close proximity to the new court house and the public parking that will be developed/designated with it. The City has zoned the 3rd & Main site for development of the theater complex because it meets all the necessary criteria."

In reality, key components to the equation are: 1) In August last year the State of California selected an alternative site, not in proximity to the Petrovich project, between Fifth and Sixth Streets on Main, 2) In October last year the city abandoned the plan for a parking structure for the courthouse and the Petrovich theater. The State of California has stated that it does not expect the City of Woodland to provide any parking facility for the new courthouse, and 3) There is plenty of existing parking in the city lot behind the Hotel Woodland, only steps from the State Theatre along Dog Gone Alley.

Read it all at

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Fans don’t let fans drive drunk

From City of Davis - Police:

Avoid the 8 DUI roving patrols for Super Bowl celebrations

The Davis Police Department has teamed up with the National Football League (NFL), California Office of Traffic Safety, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and law enforcement officials to remind everyone to designate a sober driver if they plan to be drinking alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday.

“We want to pass our safety message to everyone who will be drinking this weekend, real Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk,” said Chief Black, “Please act responsibly, designate a sober driver before the Super Bowl party begins and leave your car keys at home.”


Saturday, February 06, 2010

City/county meeting involves consolidation, Gateway II and water

From the Yolo Sun article "Important items emerge at city-county meeting: Service consolidations, development downscaling, water district feasibility questions:"

At the recent (monthly) meeting between elected officials and relevant staff of City of Woodland and Yolo County, three key items of local news arose.

Potential public safety services consolidations

Senior staff of both local governments will soon meet to follow-up on already existing ideas regarding potential consolidations of city and county services and to “brainstorm” additional ideas.

Currently under consideration is a proposal by [Yolo County] Supervisor Matt Rexroad for Yolo County to enter into contractual agreements with its three major cities (Wooodland, Davis, West Sacramento) for supplemental provision of public safety services.

In detail, this proposal is to have West Sacramento (police and fire departments) cover Yolo County’s panhandle (Clarksburg, etc.), while Woodland and Davis would split the remainder of the eastern half of the County.


YMCA to bail out Gentry's Folly

From the Daily Democrat article "YMCA offers to run city's fitness center:"

C&S Center has kept it dark; businesses complained about unfair competition

Woodland's council has approved a win-win agreement with the local YMCA to let the nonprofit take over operation of a city fitness center.

The Community & Senior Center, at 2001 East St., has a fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment and cardio workout space. The facility was ready for use in March 2009, but it has not been used after complaints from local fitness firms caused the council to consider it potentially unfair competition with the private sector.

Read it while you can at

Project 105, Woodland Downtown Specific Plan

Project 105 in Woodland Downtown Specific Plan (page 9-13) is the State Theatre Renovation and Expansion. Bobby Harris didn't quite get to reciting this section of the DSP during the public comment period when councilman Skip Davies stated that council has already read it and told Harris to sit down. (Harris read from page 3-9). The DSP was adopted in 2003. Councilman Art Pimentel insists that because the Petrovich theater project is listed in the DSP (and falsely claiming it has been planned for 12 years), it needs to move forward as quickly as possible. Here is Project 105:

State Theatre Renovation and Expansion


Renovation of existing structure, including:

• Expansion of structure to provide room for additional screens
• Parking for theater
• Facade/marquee renovation


This project includes the renovation and expansion of the State Theatre. Renovation of the existing theater would include upgrading the facility to modern standards while keeping the look and feel of the existing facility. Expansion would entail the construction of an adjoining multiplex cinema that maintains a similar facade. The proposed expansion would include 10 screens and would be connected through the main lobby of the existing State Theatre. Parking would need to be enhanced in this area. The expansion would occur on a vacant lot to the west of and adjacent to the existing theater. The vacant lot is located at the intersection of Main and Walnut Streets.


• Compliments the existing theater and brings people into the downtown
• Would establish this area as the entertainment district in the community
• The concentration of users in this location will have positive economic affects on nearby businesses, and would help to attract new businesses into the area.
• Enhances Downtown night life

Project Timing: 1) 2003 to 2007, 2) 2008 to 2012, 3) and 4) > 2012
Potential Project Costs ($1,000): 1) $0 - $50, 2) $50 - $100, 3) $100 - $500, 4) > $500
Funding Sources: 1) Public Funds, 2) Grants, Donations, 3) Public, Private Partnership, 4) Private Investments

Note: I have changed the DSP article to reflect the correct spelling of the State Theatre (not Theater).

Two library staff members retire, council honors their service

This is from the December 15, 2009. City Council meeting when they presented long time library staff members with a certificate of retirement appreciation. Sandra Briggs gave a nice background on Rita Cocke and Sue Peterson. I thought it was worth while to post this clip so everyone could have a chance to hear the ceremony if they wanted to.

Ladies, thank you for your service!

Friday, February 05, 2010

First Friday events: Three galleries showcase works of art

Tonight's Historic Downtown Woodland First Friday events include:

The Studio Artists Galley: This First Friday, February 5th, we will be showcasing Helen DiCarlo's Digital Photography in a four panel rotating window installation of over 100 images. Helen will be on hand to discuss her work in photography although she is also a sculptor and a painter and UCD Art Studio Graduate. The Studio Artists Gallery is located at 1021 Lincoln Ave. Ste. B, Woodland.

The Blue Wing Gallery: February Exhibit, “Flash” The Ink Addiction Exhibit (February 5th - 26th). Featured artists include George Streng(Photography), Jeff Musser (Paintings & Drawings), Gorgeous George (Tattoo Art on Paper), Carol Abbe (Collage), and Adrianne Frostad (Mixed Media).

Concept Birth Gallery: Anna Morales and Robert Rodriguez are the featured artists. The February show commences during the Historic Downtown First Friday event tonight, February 5, in the evening. The Concept Birth Gallery is located in the historic Excelsior Building at 524 Main Street, Woodland.

Photo by George Streng.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Politiclast brings up the "R" word for Pimentel

From the Politiclast blog post "Recalling Pimentel?:"

Would a recall of Art Pimentel be good for Woodland?

I certainly am beginning think he needs to start making a case proving that he has not been corrupted. By that I mean, he needs to actually make a reasonable case why he keeps pushing for Petrovich projects. His current explanation for support of the downtown theater project is so shallow, disprovable and ridiculous it warrants panic in his competency.

Read the rest at

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Downtown theater: Pimentel is clearly in Petrovich's back pocket

From the Woodland Record article "Downtown theater: Pimentel's planning jaded by Petrovich donations:"

If the Daily Democrat has accurately portrayed city councilman Art Pimentel in the article called "Dawn for a new Woodland theater," it is clear he is out of touch with the concept of downtown redevelopment. Out of touch... unless it has to do with Paul Petrovich's back pocket.

In December the Woodland Record published a report about Petrovich's donations to Pimentel's campaign fund – donations from Petrovich's employees and his LLCs in amounts of $950, $950, $500, $500, $500, and $500. Pimentel also accepted $2,925 in donations from the owner of the Odd Fellows Building located at Third and Main in Woodland.

Read the rest at

Swing Fever performs at Opera House Saturday

From the Woodland Opera House:

The Woodland Opera House presents Swing Fever in concert Saturday, February 6, at 7:30 pm in the theatre at 340 Second Street. Swing Fever is dedicated to the music of the 1930’s and 40’s Swing Era. Performing such favorites as, “Straighten Up and Fly Right,“ “All of Me,“ “Take the A Train,“ “Route 66,“ and a medley - “Ode to Dinah Washington“ – the players bring fresh excitement, new arrangements and unusual instrumentation.