Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Journal, Record recognized by state agency: Attain blogging status of Muckraker

From: Woodland Record stories@woodlandrecord.com
To: Kelly.Quinn@jud.ca.gov
Cc: Metzker, Kristine Kristine.Metzker@jud.ca.gov, Willoughby, Lee Lee.Willoughby@jud.ca.gov
Subject: RE: Yolo- New Woodland Courthouse
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 16:20:33 -0700


I am doing a follow-up story and need the following information:

Can you tell me what conditions the AOC did not meet in regards to Yolo County Resolution No. 06-144 (in the Feasibility Study on your Web site) and Yolo County's property bordered by Court, Third, North and Fourth Streets. Yolo County has claimed the state has not met the conditions outlined in the resolution and therefore has taken that property off of those considered for siting.

Thanks... I know this might have slipped off the radar, but it is a crucial bit of information the Yolo County public needs to know.



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From: Woodland Record stories@woodlandrecord.com
Sent: Sunday, March 29, 2009 11:39 AM
To: Willoughby, Lee
Cc: Quinn, Kelly; Metzker, Kristine
Subject: RE: Yolo- New Woodland Courthouse


I've sent several emails requesting certain information about the New Woodland Courthouse. Can you please respond to the question [above]? This would preclude the need for a Public Records Request.

Thank you,


_ _ _ _

From: Quinn, Kelly
Sent: Monday, March 30, 2009 7:28 AM
To: stories@woodlandrecord.com; Willoughby, Lee
Cc: Metzker, Kristine; Ruano, Teresa
Subject: RE: Yolo- New Woodland Courthouse

Lee - do not respond to him. The Yolo Court no longer responds to him, a local blogger who mucks things up locally. I have been purposefully ignoring him.

_ _ _ _

From: Willoughby, Lee Lee.Willoughby@jud.ca.gov
To: Quinn, Kelly" Kelly.Quinn@jud.ca.gov, stories@woodlandrecord.com stories@woodlandrecord.com
Cc: Metzker, Kristine Kristine.Metzker@jud.ca.gov, Ruano, Teresa Teresa.Ruano@jud.ca.gov
Subject: RE: Yolo- New Woodland Courthouse
Date: Mon 03/30/09 08:01 AM


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From: Woodland Record [mailto:stories@woodlandrecord.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 1:58 PM
To: Perry Jim
Subject: Re: New Woodland Courthouse


Can you tell me what conditions the AOC did not meet in regards to Yolo County Resolution No. 06-144 (in the Feasibility Study on the OCCM Web site) and Yolo County's property bordered by Court, Third, North and Fourth Streets. Yolo County has claimed the state has not met the conditions outlined in the resolution and therefore has taken that property off of those considered for siting.

Thank you,


_ _ _ _

From: Perry Jim jperry@yolo.courts.ca.gov
To: stories@woodlandrecord.com
Cc: Landry Shawn slandry@yolo.courts.ca.gov
Subject: RE: New Woodland Courthouse
Date: Wed 03/25/09 03:49 PM

I don’t know of any.

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muck⋅rake [muhk-reyk] – verb (used without object), -raked, -rak⋅ing. To search for and expose real or alleged corruption, scandal, or the like, esp. in politics.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Michael's opens in Woodland on April 19

From the Woodland Record – Business News:

Michaels opens in Woodland with an inspiring new way to shop

The Woodland store, located at 2175 Bronze Star Drive in the Woodland Gateway shopping center, opens April 19 with several in-store festivities to celebrate the occasion.

From the Woodland Record – Business Announcements:

Michaels introduces “It’s My Birthday” program, opens in Woodland on April 19

Designed for ages 5 – 12 and averaging just $12 per child, Michaels’ new birthday program offers parents the option of having a party in a Michaels store or at home.

Council study session: Budget cuts

Read "Council to consider more budget cuts" at the Woodland Record.

Agenda Item F1
Receive Report on FY 2009-10 General Fund; Review Budget
Options; Provide Input and Direction

Discussion will include three tiered levels of proposed cuts: $5.4 million, $6.3 million and $7 million.

First Tier options include general employee related cost reductions and cuts in the community development department, parks and recreation, police and fire, library and public works.

Second Tier options include a 1.5% reduction of all salaries with additional position cuts and Third Tier options include a 3% reduction of all salaries with another level of position cuts.

Specific measures include an employee step advancement freeze and furloughs. Programs that may be cut or receive reductions include the Yolano recreation, special events, fitness center program, youth center, Hiddleson Pool, DARE, youth diversion, graffiti abatement, crime prevention services, animal services, library services and custodial services.

See a related Letter to the Editor from Friends of the Library: Potential library cuts are draconian

See a related Letter to the Editor from a city employee: Budget cuts: New city positions questioned by employee

Download the Excel document: "CDD staffing level 2004 vs 2009"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wanted: Your library story, six words

Okay, this will be fun to collect six word combinations on this blog that describe favorite library experiences.

The Yolo County Library is asking "community members to describe their favorite library experience, in six words, and to present it in a handwritten, typed or pictorial manner (six pictures)."

Click here to read the entire Yolo County press release at the Woodland Record.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WHS 70s Reunion planned for October 10

The Billboard Top Five Albums of 1971 were:
#5 - Abraxas by Santana
#4 - Pearl by Janis Joplin
#3 - Close to You by the Carpenters
#2 - Tapestry by Carole King
and at #1 - Jesus Christ Superstar, original cast recording

From the WHS 70s Reunion Committee:

It is with great pleasure we announce the reunion of all reunions! Individuals who attended Woodland High School have joined together to plan the "WHS Decade of the 70's Reunion." The date has been set for Saturday, October 10 – from 5 to 11 pm.

We are still working on some details, like where and how ticket proceeds are collected. Prices for tickets will be $35 if purchased prior to June 30 and $40 after. Where and how to make payments will be determined, but please see the contact list below to keep tabs.

We are starting to get the word out to other 70s classmates and former faculty and staff who would like to attend. Please send an email to WHS.70s.Reunion@pacbell.net with the following information: Your class; first, last and married names; and your email address. We will be sending out regular email updates as well as posting announcements in the Woodland Record, The Woodland Journal, The Daily Democrat and on Facebook.

Please help spread the word by forwarding this announcement to everyone you know who attended Woodland High School in the 70s!

Read more at the Woodland Record.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


This Woodland Journal fan has had her own blog going for a while now. Her blog is a little different as it is mostly small webisodes. She updates it pretty regularly and is quite the character. She just moved it to a new blog site, so the old episodes are not there, but I would keep her on the list and see what she comes up with next.

Way to go Kristen!

You can view her blog Interawesome here.

Can Yolo County be a "Better Place?"

As Yolo County discusses the Woodland/Davis Bike/NEV corridor, local citizens should also be thinking of global solutions that are now being considered to promote electric vehicles.

Consider this from the BetterPlace.com pressroom:

Better Place is a revolutionary company that is making the dream of non-polluting electric cars a reality. Better Place – led by visionary founder and CEO, Shai Agassi – is building the infrastructure that will bring greater convenience and affordability to electric cars than is currently offered to traditional petroleum-powered automobiles.

Read more at the Woodland Record.

Click here to view the video "What's Better Place?"

Click here to go to BetterPlace.com.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Former Woodland city manager heads north

Special meeting of the Williams City Council
Friday, March 20, 2009, 5:00 pm
City Hall Chambers

New business

5. Subject: Consider Appointment of Interim City Administrator and Approve Employment Agreement.

Action Recommendation: Appoint Richard Kirkwood as Interim City Administrator and Approve Employment Agreement.

Result of Recommended Action: Richard Kirkwood will be appointed Interim City Administrator and an Employment Agreement will be approved.

Staff Report: none.

Click here to view the Williams City Council agenda for Friday, March 20.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grafton to Plainfield, despite being furthest school

Not sure I comprehend this one. The WJUSD has decided to send Grafton kids all the way out to Plainfield, which is the furthest possible school to send them. The Dailly Demoocrat ran a story today on it, you can read it here.

The district claims it will take close to 20 minutes for the bus ride. I disagree with that statement, thinking it will take at least 30 minutes one way. We are talking about a bus, not a car. Today I drove from Plainfield to 113/Yuba City exit and it took me 10 minutes while speeding the entire way. I am going to drive the entire route later this week and get an exact time frame, going the speed limit and stopping at railroad tracks as well.

Let's think about how much time this really is. Those kids will be sitting on a bus for 1 hour every day. That's 5 hours a week. With about 181 days in the school year, they will have spent about 25 school days on a bus. That borders cruel and unusual punishment, for the kids and the bus drivers.

What are parents supposed to do when their kid gets sick, or pees their pants during the day. How do we expect them to participate in after school activities, another hour in the car.

I guess we will see how this works, but it seems like Grafton kids are getting the shaft.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

City Council: More old minutes to approve, will consider spending $750,000 on Loft project

MARCH 17, 2009

Adopt Minutes of the Special Council Study Session of December 11, 2007; the Regular Meetings of the City Council of December 18, 2007 and January 8 and 22, 2008; the Joint Special Council and Redevelopment Agency Board Meeting of January 29, 2008

Receive Minutes of the Planning Commission Meetings of November 20, 2008, December 4, 2008 and January 15, 2009
Election of Officers:
Murray: She motioned and Gonzalez seconded the nomination of Sanders for Planning Commission Chairperson for a second term.
Wurzel: He motioned the nomination for himself as Chairperson.
Barzo: He seconded the motion.
Cecilia Delevati: She asked for clarifications on the second nominations.
Sanders: He stated Commissioner Murray nominated Sanders for Chair, Commissioner Gonzalez seconded the motion; Wurzel nominated himself for Chair, Commissioner Barzo seconded the motion.
Barzo: He corrected his motion. He thought his second was for the motion for Commissioner Sanders as Chair.
Sanders: He clarified there was no second motion for Commissioner Wurzel’s motion for Chair.
The voting was as followed: Commissioner Sanders as Chair: AYES: Murray: Gonzalez; Barzo; NOES: Wurzel, Lopez; ABSENT: Spesert; ABSTAIN: Sanders – Commissioner Wurzel as Chair: AYES: Lopez; Wurzel; NOES: Sanders; Barzo; Gonzalez; Murray; ABSENT: Spesert; ABSTAIN: None. It was carried by a vote of 3-2 that Commissioner Sanders shall be the next Planning
Commissioner Chair.

Adopt Resolution Authorizing Submission of Application for Infill Infrastructure Grant Proposition 1C Funds; Allocate Bond Funds, City Center Lofts Project; Appropriately Utilize Funds; and to Authorize the Executive Director to Execute Appropriate Documents. Click here to view the staff report at the Woodland Record.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yocha-De-He clubhouse opens at golf course

From the CacheCreek.com press room:

The long awaited clubhouse at Yocha-De-He Golf Club is now open for business at Cache Creek Casino Resort, providing the finishing touch on what is already considered the premiere golf course in the region. “After months of anticipation, we’re really excited to see the public’s reaction to our new facility,” said Cache Creek’s Director of Golf Daniel Kane.

Read more at the Woodland Record - Sports.

Photo: The site of Cache Creek Casino Resort's newest addition offers breathtaking, panoramic views of the entire championship golf course. From Yocha-De-HeGolfClub.com.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Headlines: Jeff Kean on WOH; Repair the Opera House - 1891; Addicts and weapons at community center

From the Woodland Record:

Woodland Opera House on hold, director reports


Addicts, weapons found at community center

City "taps" beer garden at Community Center

The City is set to accept a lease agreement between them and Elizabeth Restaurant's to run the concessions at the community center, or more specifically, the outdoor sports parks.

Read the info here.

The concession owner will provide the normal treats at ball games such as hot dogs, hamburgers and nachos. But according to the lease details, the City will also provide a beer garden and beer will be served as well. They made a special point to make sure that besides the rental fees that the City charges, it will also make 25% of all beer sales.

The contract does not really specify any certain hours that beer sales is restricted. So I guess it will be available from 4 p.m. until closing.

So let me hear your thoughts on this. Is it OK for the City to dive into beer sales at a community center where children are supposed to be the main focus? You don't see Little League and Babe Ruth selling beer. I am not sure this is the right venue for beer sales, but I am sure lots of people will be happy.

What do you think...

Peeping Tom captured by Matmor victim

Excerpt from the Woodland Record - Police Blotter:

"Upon arrival officers found the victim, Nicole Gutierrez, detaining the subject who was hiding in the bushes near the entrance of the apartment complex."

Read the entire WPD press release.

Pot to cure our budget woes?

Could marijuana be the answer to the economic misery facing California? Democratic State Assembly member Tom Ammiano thinks so. Ammiano introduced legislation last month that would legalize pot and allow the state to regulate and tax its sale - a move that could mean billions for the cash-strapped state. Pot is, after all, California's biggest cash crop, responsible for $14 billion in annual sales, dwarfing the state's second largest agricultural commodity - milk and cream - which brings in $7.3 billion annually, according to the most recent USDA statistics. The state's tax collectors estimate the bill would bring in about $1.3 billion in much-needed revenue a year, offsetting some of the billions in service cuts and spending reductions outlined in the recently approved state budget

Read the rest of the story here. By ALISON STATEMAN

The problem I see with this, is after we legalize it the value would drop in a big way making the taxed amount so small it will not help our budget at all. They would have to figure out how to keep the value up. The only way to really do this is to make it illegal everywhere in CA except, state owned growing fields and smoke shops.

Davis Vanguard examines city attorneys: In-house or out-house?

Excerpt from The People's Vanguard of Davis, "Vanguard Reports: Should Davis Go To In-House City Attorney Services?"

"We then looked at cost over a four year period from 2004-05 to 2007-08. In terms of average cost, clearly cities that in-house spent nearly three times more than cities that out-source their city attorneys, with the form spending $1.1 million per year while the latter spent less than half a million."

Woodland's average out-sourcing for attorneys is $383,750 - 1.05% of the general fund.

Follow the link above to read the Vanguard's excellent report.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guess who??

Who is this young stud?

Woodland safe from space junk... today

If you were to travel on Interstate 5 from the southern tip of Woodland to the northern tip of Weed, you would log about the same nautical miles as the altitude of the International Space Station. At its perigee, the ISS orbits the earth at 349 km (188.5 nmi or almost 217 statute miles). If the ISS ever zoomed directly over Woodland, it wouldn't be very far away. The average speed of the space station is 17,239.2 mph by the way.

Now... consider this: Today the three crew members of the ISS had to take refuge in an attached Russian escape capsule because a loose missile – in the form of five inch bit of space junk – whizzed by them at 20,000 mph. The three astronauts onboard are Americans Mike Fincke and Sandra Magnus and Russian Yuri Lonchakov.

Read about the AP story "Space station crew has close call with space junk" at Yahoo News.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Business booming in Woodland

Click here to view the KCRA3 news segment on Woodland's business community.

Teo Torres makes a positive report from the Gateway Center, Chamber of Commerce, Burlington Coat Factory and the Capital Saloon and Grill.

Woodland resident Eric Railsback said, "Case in point, we're getting an In 'N Out burger right here by the Costco, right on Interstate 5. You can't beat that, I mean why not?"

Economic Development Director Wendy Ross speaks to capturing sales leakage: "I'm busy."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All you can eat pancakes

Boy Scouts of America Troop 464 and Reveille Lions

2nd Annual Pancake JAM-boree
Pancake Feed Fundraiser & Raffle
And our 1st Annual “Troop 464 All Troop Reunion”

“Almond Festival” Sunday, March 15, 7 to 11 am
Boy Scout Cabin, 515 Lincoln Street, Woodland

For more information visit www.bsatroop464.com or call (530) 666-5987
$5 all you can eat pancakes - kids 5 and under eat free!
Pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, coffee and O.J.
Door prize: Hand-knit BSA green and red afghan
Sponsored in part by Yolo Ice & Creamery, Woodland Record and Costco ($25 gift certificate)

Monday, March 09, 2009


Join our Facebook group here.

Pedroia's response to the high inside pitch.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Paper delivered

Nearly 10,000 copies of the Woodland Record hit the driveway of most Woodland residents. I want to apologize for the 3 papers that got stuck in trees, 2 that got lost in some bushes, 2 that fell into the gutter with water and one that went under the wheelchair ramp. If you did not get one but do want one, there are several ways to get your hands on a copy.

You can download a PDF of the paper on the right side of this blog or you can stop by one of the many places that have copies available. I will provide a list of those businesses shortly.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

County cover-up: Yolo pulls court site off the table

Breaks promise to state, refuses disclosure

Excerpts from the Woodland Record:

“THE COUNTY did not commit any property to the courthouse relocation project,” replied Yolo County Public Information Officer Beth Gabor on behalf of supervisors who refused to comment on why promised property was virtually taken off the negotiation table.

The fact is the county’s Resolution No. 06-144 of October 17, 2006, states:

Whereas, the Superior Court of California, County of Yolo (the “Court”) is desirous of replacing its downtown Woodland court facility on to, in part or in whole property bordered by Court, Third, North and Fourth Streets: and Whereas, the County is supportive of the Court’s replacement and expansion plans; Now, therefore, be it resolved: 1. The County commits itself, subject to certain conditions set forth below, to donate the property to the Court for use as replacement or expanded Court facilities.”

The two supervisors who comprise the court facilities subcommittee are Matt Rexroad and Helen Thomson. Rexroad declined to answer why the county stepped away from the process. Duane Chamberlain (District 5) referred the question to Rexroad and Thomson. Thomson referred the question to Gabor. Jim Provenza (District 4) has not responded due to a family medical emergency. Mike McGowan (Disrict 1) ignored the request entirely.

The Record asked Woodland city manager Mark Deven if one government agency (the city or the state) can use eminent domain on another government agency's property.

Deven replied, "We have consulted with our attorney. The short answer is yes we can."

Read much more at the Woodland Record.

Friday, March 06, 2009

The Savory Cafe: Comfy comes honestly

From the Woodland Record - Business Spotlight:

Open for dinners during First Friday events!

TORI DUKE offers southern hospitality and “down home goodness” at The Savory Cafe located in the historic Woodland Downtown. Duke, owner of the trendy cafe with a twist, comes by it honestly. Her proud history began in the family restaurant business in Louisville, Kentucky. Her roots in southern cooking and her many travels have exposed her to a wide range of regional foods that are expressed in her unique menu.

Read the rest.

Headlines: Rumsey Band steps up, Woodland man convicted of rape

Rumsey Band restores about 20% of county heist

Rumsey Band steps up with $207,000 rescue

Yocha-De-He Wintun Academy, EHS together for Cache Creek restoration

Woodland man convicted of rape

Men's Hoops: Northridge spoils Aggie Senior Night, 99-72

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jr. Wolves Cheerleaders win USA Jr. Nationals

From the Woodland Record - Letters to the Editor:

The Woodland Jr. Wolves Competition Squad is the first in its Class in Woodland. We are part of the Woodland Jr. Wolves Youth Football and Cheerleading League under the Sacramento Youth Football (SYF) organization. This league has been active in the Woodland community for more than 38 years!

The Jr. Wolves Cheer Coordinators were tasked to form a competitive squad which was done so in November of 2008. This was the first time a Competition squad was to be formed in our league and hometown. Being able to start this Comp Squad gave the cheerleaders something to look forward to after the regular season. For those who tried and made the team it has been an exciting time. Once the squad formed they were told of the ultimate goal. That goal would be to reach the USA Nationals, to be held in February 2009 at Disneyland, in Anaheim, CA. The Jr Wolves have been getting ready and working hard to reach this goal and they did!

Read more at the Woodland Record.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Davis Vanguard launches new site

The People's Vanguard of Davis has launched its new Web site. You can join the celebration of the new site on Friday, March 6, from 6 to 8 pm at the Davis Lamppost Pizza on Lake Blvd at the Westlake Plaza Shopping Center.

Congratulations! Click here to see it.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Staff wants council to promise parking structure construction and operation

Excerpts from the Woodland Record:

Despite the absence of a state budget for a parking structure downtown, and the fact the state is not requiring the City of Woodland to provide a structure, city staff continues its quest for a parking Xanadu.

On Tuesday night, staff is recommending the passage of a resolution that contains the following promises:

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Redevelopment Agency Board identifies the following economic opportunities associated with the Yolo County Courthouse project:

3. Agency acquisition of property to construct a parking structure to serve the new courthouse project (subject to a reimbursement agreement for the Agency funds expended).

4. Agency construction and operation of a parking structure to serve the new courthouse project.

Last Friday, [Kelly Quinn, Senior Manager of Planning of the Office of Court Construction and Management] also told the Record that the state's solicitation letter requesting economic opportunities had not yet gone out. It is scheduled to be released this week.

The City of Woodland does not need a garage. Repeated requests for providing a study to prove such have been ignored. During a time of budget cuts, the reasons to promise a garage with no money to do so remain unknown.

Read more at the Woodland Record.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Storm system fees: Here we go again

From the Dialg Deemcrok:

Council might go with vote again on drains

Woodland city staff will be asking the City Council on Tuesday to consider a public vote in March 2010 to increase the amount of money going toward storm drains.

If the council signs off on the request, it would be the second time since August 2007 that the public has been asked to increase rates. That 2007 effort failed.

The council will consider the request when it meets at 6 p.m. Tuesday in City Hall, 300 First St.

Read more.