Friday, April 27, 2007

Ca Unclaimed Money

I love checking out this site. You should try it out as well. Check everyone you know. Here are a few from Woodland:

Los Charros Coporales $619, I have a feeling this will not be donated to Art Pimentel.
Jack Lasoya $56
Woodland Bodyworks has a couple of thousand dollars on several different claims.
Woodland Clinic has a couple of thousand dollars as well.
WOODLAND E S C STRIKE FUND (I have no idea who this is) $510
WJUSD has over $1200
Yolo County Farm Bureau $45

See what you have, post it if you find something cool.

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Katie said...

I found 15 dollars for my grandparents that are here in town. The live on a road that changed from a "rural route" and I guess Met Life didn't have their new address. I also found 711 dollars for my grandfather and 60 dollars for my grandmother, both are deceased. I forwarded the information to my aunt who is the executor. But darn it, there was nothing for me!