Wednesday, April 17, 2013

City hall is keeping State Theatre "restoration" close to the vest

Join the "Friends of the State Theatre" to ensure the grand ole auditorium will be restored and used by the ENTIRE community and region. The city and its spin-off committee have done little to include the public in the renovation of the now-city-owned historic building. Keep tabs on Facebook:

Sunday, June 03, 2012

From the Woodland Record: On June 2 Woodland City councilman Art Pimentel declared victory in the District 5 Yolo County Supervisor election on his Facebook page. Not only that, he claimed that the newly-published proposed budget for next fiscal year is the one he's been promising voters since January. And if that wasn't enough, he continues to brag about an insignificant budget reserve in the face of a looming deficit. The city's spending plan for next year is $143.53 million and the "reserve" that Pimentel brags about is expected to dwindle to only $2.9 million, or 7.3 % of the budget. The reserve target is 13%, but that number is irrelevant compared to the amount the city owes... about $127,000,000. Pimentel's mismanagement of the city's budget pales to his personal financing shenanigans. If you haven't voted in this race in which the incumbent supervisor Duane Chamberlain has been challenged by the untrustworthy Pimentel, you need to read these articles: APRIL 12, 2012 Pimentel is poster boy for local foreclosure trends MAY 1, 2012 Pimentel's lack of reporting to FPPC reveals a twisted tale MAY 14, 2012 Foreclosure doesn't fall far from the tree, Pimentel and family caught in mortgage games And take a closer look at his approach to other local government issues: Read more at

Friday, June 01, 2012

Pimentel will leave legacy of Petrovich projects, redevelopment waste and budget disaster

The City of Woodland (Art Pimentel and the rest of city council) is allowing the Petrovich Development Co. to keep this freeway ad on city property. The city denied the annexation of the 22 acres next to Costco (when owned by New Woodland Partners) despite allowing Petrovich's Gateway II to be annexed. Gateway II abuts the 22 acres. Then, the city was able to attain the property from the owners in exchange for tax credits. From the Woodland Record: There are four days left until election day. Many voters will make the decision to promote Woodland City councilman Art Pimentel to the next step as a career politician. He wants to be a supervisor, and he's on the ballot to represent Yolo County District 5. Pimentel most likely began thinking of running for supervisor several years ago. And his decision was probably made a little easier last year after his side-kick and District 3 supervisor, Matt Rexroad effectively lobbied to gerrymander District 5. So then it was left up to Pimentel about how to move into the new district boundaries. He decided to short-sell his house (that he had already defaulted on), leaving his neighbors with devalued homes. At the time of the short sale his annual household income was about $143,000. He also had other real estate dealings that he was required to report to the Fair Political Practices Commission, but didn't. What else will Pimentel leave behind this summer when he ends his eight years as a councilman? Read the rest at

Foreclosure doesn't fall far from the tree, Pimentel and family caught in mortgage games

Who wouldn't jump for joy? Three months after getting out of mortgage payments Woodland City Councilman Art Pimentel and his bride celebrated their February wedding in Napa this year - then spent a fabulous honeymoon in Bora Bora. A short sale of his home on November 16, 2011, avoided foreclosure during a year in which Pimentel's household income is estimated to be $143,000. As an isolated case, it is cause for questions... but as part of a pattern, it is cause for suspicions. Photo found on Facebook. Originally published Monday, May 14 From the Woodland Record: You won't find this family history at, but you might be interested in a common theme between Woodland City Councilman Art Pimentel and his most immediate and influential relatives. In a nutshell, Pimentel was on the deeds to three Woodland properties in 2005... two of which were eventually foreclosed upon and the third was short-sold to avoid foreclosure. Two were not reported to the Fair Political Practices Commission, nor was his employment at a bank. On June 13, 2005, Pimentel bought a house – 1305 Fremont – in Yolo County District 3. Earlier that year, on January 18, Elias (his father) and Margarita (his mother) included Art on two deeds of trusts and a corporation grant deed for 18176 Gadwall Street in Wild Wings. On March 2, Elias and Margarita added Art to the grant deed of another property... 921 Shiloh Court. Apparently, the need for Art to be on three different titles was only temporary... for refinances, lines of credit or for a purchase... because by summertime he was removed from the deeds of the Gadwall and Shiloh properties. Read the rest at

Monday, May 21, 2012

Planning commish stands up to Petrovich, developer admits multiplex is dead

Petrovich tries to derail relocation of existing auto dealers a few blocks down the same street From the Woodland Record: During yet another public display of deception, Sacramento developer and illusionist Paul Petrovich admitted that his Third and Main multiplex is dead. He did so while attempting a desperate pitch to prevent two existing auto dealers from moving a few blocks down the same street on East Main. This all happened at the last City of Woodland Planning Commission meeting on Thursday, May 17. The agenda item discussed was an already-zoned parcel subdivision request and design review of the proposed locations for Hoblit Motors (currently at 333 Main) and Woodland Motors (currently at 1680 East Main). The new location is next to (west of) the Valley Truck and Tractor John Deere dealership, which is located at 2100 East Main. Read more at

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Pimentel's latest campaign stunt bites the hand that feeds him

From the Woodland Record: Woodland City Councilman Art Pimentel is a candidate for the Yolo County Board of Supervisors, District 5. Pimentel gets campaign support from District 3 supervisor Matt Rexroad who is a founding partner of Meridian Pacific, "a one stop shop for political services." Together, they dream up various ways to deliver campaign clichés. For the unimaginative some of their gimmicks appear clever... like imprinted tomato seed packets. And so it was that the little seed giveaway caught the fancy of a local blog (Daily Democrat) and the dynamic duo got their strokes with a report by Katherine Jarvis. Sorry to burst your bubble but promotional products companies like 4imprint, Branders and PrintGlobe have offered such tchotchkes for years. Pimentel's latest campaign stunt is neither clever nor cliché, it's a bonafide gaffe (oxymoron intended). Read the rest at

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Pimentel's lack of reporting to FPPC reveals a twisted tale

Above are pieces from Art Pimentel's latest campaign. Pundits will certainly latch on to the new "people like us" slogan since Pimentel's job at Woodland Community College is funded by a federal subsidy. Pimentel may also have alienated many District 5 voters by characterizing incumbent Duane Chamberlain as a farmer who has taken "tax-payer funded" bail-outs and even insinuated that the supervisor has financial trouble. Farmers in the area often receive federal funds to help grow our nation's food. From the Woodland Record. City councilman Art Pimentel, who is a candidate for District 5 county supervisor, stated in a new campaign piece that "the bank that held the mortgage on my home forced me to sell it at a loss when they refused to refinance it." The reality is that responsible homeowners – who make much less than $143,000 a year – ride the wave of fluctuating home values. Some, like Pimentel, do refinance their homes to make their budgets work. Yes, Pimentel did refinance his home at 1305 Fremont Street... in 2006, a year after he bought it. But by 2009 he had already received a Notice of Default. To avoid foreclosure, he short-sold the home in November of last year. That's the way non-politicians say the bank "forced me to sell it." Read more at

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yolo Sun: Review continues about lawsuit against Gateway II, Pimentel, Davies, Dote

Excerpts from the Yolo Sun article "Yolo court to rule on challenge to city council approval of Petrovich’s Gateway 2 project – part four of a Yolo Sun investigative series:"

A subject of central importance to the relationship between areas of existing commercial zoning (such as the city’s downtown area, the East Street corridor) and the Gateway 2 project — and also key to this new development project’s “program” (please see latter sections of Part Three) — is the concept of: “Adequate retail demand.”

“Adequate retail demand” is the operative measure within diverse planning analyses related to qualifying determinations of the “phase-by-phase” build-out of Gateway 2 — for approval of specific commercial uses.

The basic idea (with this project-impact mitigation scheme), is to create future “market studies” that in some manner evaluate demand for specific, project-proposed commercial uses and measure that demand against the existing availability of such project-proposed uses, which must also — “consist primarily of regional retail uses that do not include entertainment and other uses that would compete with downtown.”